Writing a food blog around Thanksgiving is really a funny thing. It is one of those holidays you just don’t mess around with because people are really set in their ways of what needs to be on the table.

Do you only have mashed potatoes or is it okay to add some scalloped? Maybe you don’t want parker house rolls and you surprise your guests with a hearty whole grain roll. Heck, I’ve even known people who skip the turkey and just plop a chicken on the table. (I only went to that house once for Thanksgiving and then I never went back because frankly that sucked.)

I’ve had this one recipe in my back pocket for a while and I have been scared to post it because I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. (I take that back, I guess turkeys will get their feathers ruffled no matter what when they are plucked each year.)

I think it is a good alternative to the green bean casserole that is a common staple at a lot of holiday gatherings BUT I don’t want to freak people out with something new. (Okay, I am totally lying. I really like the occasional freak out at the holiday. It makes the day more interesting and provides some entertainment other than football or the annual family discussion of the difference between stuffing and dressing.)

The traditional green bean casserole is tasty but I have never been a fan of the goopy soupy base. (The same people who gave me the chicken for Thanksgiving made this dish too sans green beans!!! I swear it was like living in a Chevy Chase movie!)

So this year may I suggest a new recipe? I made it this summer and really liked it because it was tasty and kind of pretty. I simply blanched fresh green beans, rolled them in some prosciutto and roasted them. Ta-dah. You can save your can of soup for the apocalypse (which ironically is what family holidays sometimes feel like to me).

Green Bean Bundles

(DISCLAIMER:  My picture is not great because it wasn’t taken until after dinner and not before….and they sat too long but use your imagination that this is VIBRANT green.)


1 pound fresh green beans

1 +Tablespoons of Olive oil (I needed a smidge more than just 1 Tablespoon)

4 ounces of prosciutto

Salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 400°F

Fill a large bowl with ice water.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and salt it generously.

Add green beans and cook for 3 minutes and IMMEDIATELY add them to the ice water.

Drain them and pat dry.

Grab about 5-7 beans and wrap with a piece of prosciutto.

Drizzle with olive oil and roast for 5-6 minutes and then flip and roast for another 5 minutes.

The tips may get a little brown but that is okay.

Sprinkle with a smidge of salt and pepper and serve.

The only thing I will add is that since it is a holiday….I would garnish these babies with some fried onions or fried shallots. It will look nice and make you feel like you are eating the old school green bean casserole.