Are you happy that the holidays are over?  I am. To put it mildly, I was a super sourpuss this year.  Was it because I was naughty and I knew Santa would be skipping my chimney this year?  Noooo. Was it because I have Scrooge genes coursing through my blood?  Noooo.  (Okay, there is a little of that.) I just was in a mood about a few things.  First and foremost, I missed my dog, Shadoe.  I had received her 15 years ago on Christmas day.  I was missing how she acted in the snow, watching her sleep under the tree and her real doggyRead More →

Oh Whole-y Foods (Sung to the tune of O Holy Night) Oh Whole-y Foods! Lobster tails make feel like dining They were on sale on last weekend’s trip I saw them there and I really started pining Four were ordered and they were almost in my grip A thrill of hope the lobster is in my cart For my dinner-time is almost near Fall in my mouth! Oh taste the butter sauce Oh lobster divine, Oh lobster I won’t share Oh Lobster divine Oh lobster divine (So I just sang this to my husband….and he made some remarks that are not proper for this holidayRead More →

“Make Some Dough” Oh the weather outside is frightful, But pizza would be so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Make some dough.  Make some dough.  Make some dough. It doesn’t show signs of stopping, And soon my pants buttons will be popping, Maybe whole wheat is the way to go, Make some dough.  Make some dough.  Make some dough. When I finally take the first bite, How I’ll hate not having the norm But if it really tastes right It’ll be gone while it is still warm! The dough keeps on flying, And my full belly has got me sighing But asRead More →

For those of you who don’t live in the Midwest, it is cold here.  Really cold.  Really, really cold. My body is going into hibernation mode and I just want to eat all the day.  Or maybe it isn’t the cold, maybe I have been watching too much of The Hobbit.  It seems to be my go to DVD these days. “The Hobbit?” you ask. My husband is a huge Tolkien fan and in the last 15 years has taught me to appreciate the movies.  (He tried to get me into the books but even with him reading them to me, I had a hardRead More →

The last couple of years, I have started to receive questions around the holidays from people who want that special gift for their “chef” family member.  So I thought I’d compile some of my favorite frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) What kind of pot should I buy?  I am assuming you are speaking about cooking ware and not the illegal substance (or is it legal in your state?). I’m in love with my 5.5 quart Le Cruest Round French Oven.  It is the perfect size for big batches of soup, chili and spaghetti sauce.  It is a little pricey for the everyday budget (unless it isRead More →

Have you ever met someone who is map impaired?  If not, pleased to meet you.  I can’t find a route on a map no matter how hard I try.  I was thrilled when I got the PMS (Point Me System) in my car.  It helped me get from here to there with little thought or skill.  (I do know how to spell which is important when typing in the destination so there is a little skill involved.) I have that feeling of being lost sometimes when I try to make a new food.  I’m not sure that I am following the directions correctly and feelRead More →