I woke up just lying there. My hand searched for my underpants and I was still bewildered as to what had happened. I called over and over for my husband. He arrived by my side with tears shining in his beautiful blue eyes, kissed my lips and told me he loved me.

Do you think you are reading an excerpt from a spicy book that is now making millions in the box office? (Seriously, that is making millions???) Nope, this is more like 50 Shades of Gray’s Anatomy! This was the scene that played out in the hospital.

I’m going to deviate a little from food for today to keep my regular readers updated on my recent health issues. I had surgery last week to (hopefully) solve some of the complications I’ve been having with my Crohn’s disease.


Lately, all food has become my enemy. I’ve been suffering with horrible stomachaches, loss of appetite and other obstacles. (It is a GI disease so you can use your imagination.)

Having surgery again was one of the last things I really wanted to do but part of me had stopped living. Food, my joy, was the last thing I wanted to be around or think about and I was actually getting mad at life. (I did threaten one doctor that I was going to go on a popcorn bender and end it all.)

We spoke to plenty of doctors and finally came to the conclusion that we needed to do something now before it turned into another emergency operation like I experienced 2 years ago.

With some bits and pieces moved about and a little snippet taken out, this operation will be cure to what has been ailing me. (If they put my picture in Gray’s Anatomy, it would look like a Picasso.)

Real life of a food blogger not always a lot of fun
Real life of a food blogger not always so glamorous and fun.

We were fortunate to have one of the most beautiful views from a hospital room of the city of Chicago and a great team helping us.

This was the view from my bed!
This was the view from my bed!

I say “we” and “us” because my caretaker/husband is going through every bit of this with me. He has held my hand, made me laugh and has been keeping up on all the aftercare, as I am not able to do much for myself these days.


My diet is also going to be kind of dull the next couple of weeks so I am not sure how that is going to rollover onto Felt Like a Foodie but I am hoping to keep posting.

First meal the day after surgery…clear was the theme!
First meal the day after surgery…they were out of brodo.

This will never be the story of a best selling novel or a box office hit but I will be happy to go back to the normal we know and having my anatomy off the table!

Thank you for your support and I can’t wait until I am having foodie fun days again.