Do you take time every day to appreciate the little things? It could be the first spring bunny hopping in your yard, the green of your daffodils trying to pop out of the ground or the sight of a chubby squirrel hanging off of your bird feeder. (Okay maybe I don’t appreciate the fact that he knocks ALL the food out of the feeder.) I was having one of these moments this week when I was doing laundry of all things. It seems like in the previous weeks it has been such a challenge to toss a load of laundry in the wash let aloneRead More →

I am not one to brag (if you are a regular reader you know I love to brag….humor me) but I have a lot of friends. When you live in a small town for 16 years, you meet a lot of people and inadvertently become friends. Now I’m not saying these are ALL friends who I call and share my private thoughts or meet for lunch. These are the kinds of friends that you have met from other bosom buddies and you bump into them all the time. These extra friends see you at places like the grocery store or at your favorite local restaurant.Read More →

A few years ago, I took a class on Thai cooking.  My main goal was to come out of the class with a masterful knowledge of Pad Thai, my favorite dish.  We don’t have anything close to Thai food in my small town and I really wanted to know how to satisfy my cravings. The other items on the class schedule were really of no interest to me especially the Tom Kha Gai (chicken galangal soup.) It is a coconut base soup.  I’m not a fan of coconut.  I think it was because Gilligan’s Island made it look very unappetizing to me.   (No offense, MaryRead More →

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day.  I had the joy of attending my brother’s annual “Big A** Barbeque” this year.  (He actually calls it Big A** BBQ, I am not making fun of people with big bottoms.) I was a bit concerned about showing up given that my smaller hinny may not qualify.  Luckily they didn’t have one of those amusement park measuring tools that said, “Your fanny must be at least this big to attend the party.”  I was quite relieved. My only requirement for my attendance was to bring a “dish”.  I love parties that want me toRead More →

As much as I love to cook, I still have nights that it seems like a chore.  I don’t think it is the actually process of making the food that wears me out, it is the fact that I’ll have to clean it up when it’s done. I’ve tried to leave clean up until the next morning but that is bad scenario in itself.  The dishes are harder to clean and there is no joy in waking up to a mess.  I learned the hard way that fairies do not come into the house and clean your kitchen when you sleep.  Garden gnomes don’t doRead More →