Let me apologize for being a bit distracted this week and not getting a food blog up. I signed up this week to “Take Steps” with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation at the end of April.  It is a small walk in Fort Wayne, Indiana but it is a huge step for me. I wanted to mark my 40th year of living with Crohn’s by doing something and this seemed like the best fit.  (The picture I posted was my first hospital visit in 1978, I was only 7.) Most of you have read about some of my struggles in the past here on FeltRead More →

The year was 1984 and the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” was on the radio.  We were at a toll booth on our way to the airport and all I wanted was to be back at home.  We weren’t on our way to a fabulous holiday vacation or off to see family.  We were catching a plane to Rochester, Minnesota so I could go to the Mayo Clinic and have what turned into the first of dozens of operations I would end up having for Crohn’s disease. My sisters were at home with my grandparents and Christmas was going to wait until Mom andRead More →

I’m fine but I’m whipped. I am so lucky that I have friends who care so much about me that they realize I’m sick when my blog and Facebook posts decrease. So, because I can’t keep up with the emails/messages….my Crohn’s is having a bit of a flare right now and decided to bring along a wicked cold for company. I’m not doing much more than running to tests, appointments and the pharmacy. (And Starbucks because I’m sick, not dead.). I have felt worse and I have felt better this is just how it goes. I really miss having a furry friend to keep meRead More →

500. One day you are sitting on your favorite corner spot on the couch and your spouse says, “You should start a blog. People are always talking to you about food and this would be a great way for you to share everything you have learned. Make it funny and be true to yourself. Add some pictures of yourself too because you are also the most beautiful person to walk the face of this Earth.” (Okay, parts of that may not be a direct quote but the conversation went something like that.) Okay, I’ll do it!!!! I started slowly and tried to learn my voice.Read More →

Okay, maybe that isn’t very “eggciting” but I thought the egg reference was appropriate because I feel like an egg right now. First and foremost, my shell is definitely cracked. This last little medical blip makes me feel like humpty dumpty. It is truly like I fell off a wall. My doctors are in the process of putting me back together but it doesn’t seem to be working.   Think about when you crack an egg. Even with all the duct tape in the world, you aren’t going to find all the pieces and put it back together. I am sure it is as frustrating forRead More →

Sigh. I made it. My heart feels so happy as I close out my 45th year. Like every year of life, I can find lows and highs. There are moments that I wouldn’t mind erasing and there are others that I want tattooed on my memory. I have shed a few tears and have had countless hours of laughter. I have learned this past year that I am plain and simple. I’m good with that description. I am the woman who rarely puts on makeup and loves a good case of bedhead. I feel the most comfortable in jeans and pair of Converse. I knowRead More →

I woke up this morning knowing that I wanted to write a post but I truthfully had no desire to write about food. I was SUPPOSED to be writing today about two events that I had scheduled to go to in Chicago, Mod Mex (A Beyond Chicago Gourmet Event) and Oyster Fest (by Shaw’s Crah House.) I wasn’t feeling well last week so I had to make the decision to just drop out of life, not go to events and rest. During my restful moments, my mind kept going to one thing. I feel like Winnie the Pooh stuck in a “hunny” tree. Like WinnieRead More →

I have not written a post for over a week. I have to admit, I haven’t written because I’ve been kind of angry. I don’t feel well….again. It is rare that I have a pity party that lasts more than a day but this one I’ve had trouble shaking. Just as my energy started to become a little stronger, something due to my Crohn’s Disease has hit me and knocked me on my butt. (And if you have seen my butt you will know there isn’t much padding for me to land on.) This little setback has made me furious. I have cancelled dates withRead More →

I woke up just lying there. My hand searched for my underpants and I was still bewildered as to what had happened. I called over and over for my husband. He arrived by my side with tears shining in his beautiful blue eyes, kissed my lips and told me he loved me. Do you think you are reading an excerpt from a spicy book that is now making millions in the box office? (Seriously, that is making millions???) Nope, this is more like 50 Shades of Gray’s Anatomy! This was the scene that played out in the hospital. I’m going to deviate a little fromRead More →

One of the best things about writing Felt Like a Foodie is the ability to share my zany stories about life and food with so many people. (By so many, I am including all my imaginary friends.) In the recent weeks, I’ve received some emails asking me how my Crohn’s disease has been since my surgery last year. I have good and bad days…I always will. Every meal has a “risk” element and I just keep my fingers crossed that today will be better than the next. It is pretty rare that I have a pain free day but I try to concentrate on theRead More →