***Please also read the following blogpost for some “corrections.”****** Have I talked about salmon before?  I’m sure I’ve done a recipe or two before but have I talked about how this good for you food is also pretty versatile in recipes?  It has become something I cook almost every other week if not every week.  (I will also confess that I like to put it on my menu when I order from HomeChef because they really have nice quality proteins.) First, the health benefits.  Wild Salmon (note….I said Wild not farmed) is filled with good vitamins (like B12 and Vitamin D), minerals and Omega 3’s. Read More →

One Shrimp. Two Shrimp. Pink Shrimp. Poop Shrimp. I bought a bag of shrimp, all safe in a stash.  Pulling off the shells and placing them in the trash.  I looked at the pile all pretty and pink when all of a sudden I saw something that I think stinks. They call it a “vein” and line of black goop but I knew better…it is shrimp poop.  This is the Dr. Seuss story that was never told.  (And probably not really the most appetizing start to a food blog post.) I have a love/hate relationship with shrimp.  I really love to eat it.  It isRead More →

The Super Bowl is this weekend. Yippeee….sports!!! (I’m jumping in the air right now and doing one of those fancy cheerleader kick things.) Every year I vow that I will pay more attention to what is going on in the football world so I can write a blog worthy of the big game. But then I watch one game…okay…part of one game…and that is it for me. I usually watch enough to make some sexist comment on the men bending over. I ask whom the quarterback is and if he has ever been on Dancing with the Stars. (FYI…football players go on DWTS AFTER theyRead More →

If you think about the people who molded you, who are they? Maybe your parents were your biggest influence? Maybe a teacher was the person who taught you the most? Maybe during your darkest days there was a nurse by your side? I can look at a lot of people in my life and pinpoint how they impacted how I think or behave. I know the women who have instilled strength into my soul. I know the men who made and broke my spirit. I embrace the friends who told were frank and opened my eyes. Two of my biggest life guides were my sisters.Read More →

Do you ever have moments in your life where you are sure that you have been reincarnated? (Yep, I’m still on pain meds!) Were you a pioneer who crossed the plains in a covered wagon? Maybe you were a caveman who used to work in a quarry? (Or did that only happen on the Flintstones?) Heck, you could have not even been a human! Maybe you were a poodle! I think in a previous life I lived in the depression where I couldn’t always afford what I wanted to eat or maybe just in a country where food was scarce and there wasn’t access toRead More →

It is the middle of September and most of the kiddos are back in school starting a whole new year of learning. I thought why should the kids have all the fun! (Besides the fact that they are kids and that is what kids do!) My friends at Fortune Fish & Gourmet in Bensenville, IL gave me (and enough folks to fill the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier in Chicago) the education of a lifetime on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by hosting the Chicago Seafood and Specialty Show. The show provided an opportunity to taste and learn from over 160 of the finest Seafood andRead More →

We came home to a surprise on Saturday….a box of lobsters from Boston. LIVE LOBSTERS!!!! Have you ever had a box delivered to your house that moved?! It was just crazy. It was somewhat shocking to me to see them moving about. As a carnivore, I understand that before my food gets in a pretty package at the store, it is alive. I just haven’t been part of that process before and found it very overwhelming. I started feeling guilty that these beautiful creatures were going to die so I started reading about humane lobster cooking methods. As I was reading, I found something thatRead More →

Another new month and another Bon Appetit Cook the Cover to conquer. I never thought that when I made this part of my New Year’s Resolutions that it would become such a big part of my year. I am really enjoying the challenge and am proud to say I am 9 for 9! So this month, I mosey down to the mailbox and see the familiar plastic wrapped issue just poking its pretty little head out among the bills and junkmail. I pull it to the top of the pile and said “Uh Oh.” Bon Appetit’s Setember’s Issue highlights the Best New Restaurants (Congrats toRead More →

Oh Whole-y Foods (Sung to the tune of O Holy Night) Oh Whole-y Foods! Lobster tails make feel like dining They were on sale on last weekend’s trip I saw them there and I really started pining Four were ordered and they were almost in my grip A thrill of hope the lobster is in my cart For my dinner-time is almost near Fall in my mouth! Oh taste the butter sauce Oh lobster divine, Oh lobster I won’t share Oh Lobster divine Oh lobster divine (So I just sang this to my husband….and he made some remarks that are not proper for this holidayRead More →

Am I the only one who keeps hearing about Lobster Rolls?  It is not like they are a new food item because they have been around since the 1970’s.  (I don’t know that for a fact, I was an infant and that was the rumor around the playpen.)  It just seems to be the sandwich of the moment right now. A New England favorite, the lobster roll is simply just a hot dog style bun toasted with butter, a little mayo, celery and lemon juice.  (I’ve seen a lot of variations such as tarragon, scallions, and hot sauce.) There is also a Connecticut variation, whichRead More →