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Rebooted Pork Cutlets

Did you ever watch the Jetsons as a kid (or adult)? It was a fascinating cartoon about life in the future. (Okay, maybe fascinating is stretching it but it truly was awesome Saturday morning entertainment when it was in syndication during the 1970’s.) Just in case you lived in a cave or had a mom who …

Pork Sandwich

You Are Pulling My Pork

Like most people, I have goals.  Some of them are simple…like clean the bathroom closet.  Some of them are a bit more complex…like take a vacation in Italy. Some of my goals involve my husband.  (Um, I’m not going to share that one!)  Some of them are completely independent of him…like taking particular cooking classes …

Pasta Pork Recipe

Not a “Boar”ing Bolognese

Do you ever have a thought in your head that is REALLY random?  I mean, there is nooooo reason whatsoever for this thought, it just pops in your head.  This thought is so random that you spend countless minutes, maybe even hours, thinking about this particular topic. Yankee Doodle.  Yep, that was my thought the other …


Here I Ham Again On My Own

I treat holidays like “opposite days.”  Most people get the urge to jump in the kitchen during the holidays.  They cook more dinners than they would normally and they bake cookies like a Keebler Elf.  (Is it politically correct to still call them elves?) Me, on the other hand, gets really lazy about cooking.  I …


Pork Tinga: Cinco de Mayo Part Dos

There is nothing more exciting in a small town than the opening of a new restaurant.  (If you read the headlines on our front page you will realize the truth in that statement!)  It can be anything from a small independent sandwich shop to a larger franchise coming to the area.  If it involves new …