Blogging is fun.  You get a captive audience that can hear your voice as you write out the thoughts that trickle out of your head.  It is venue to talk about current events (as long as it has nothing to do with politics, religion or parenting).  It also helps you keep in tune with trends when you feel the least in touch. The problem is when you are a blogger and you can’t get your blog up! Now this sounds like something you should be able to take a little blue pill and make it all better.  My problem is that I feel like IRead More →

Love stories. Some of us can’t get enough of them. Some of us hate them. There are ones with happy endings and those that make us cry at the mere thought of them. They can make us love people more and there are some stories that make us realize we aren’t being loved right. I started thinking about love stories this past weekend because I threw a bridal shower this weekend for one of my dearest friends, Virginia. (I call her my Best Friend in Idaho aka my BID and I’m her BIN.) She will be getting married in a couple of months and IRead More →

Kids. I have zero in my household (unless you count emotional age then there are 2). But I do have more kids than I can count that call me “aunt.” I love it. I get to be the fun, cool one who never has to be responsible for a child’s behavior. I can always say “Not my fault…I’m just the aunt.” I also get to do all the fun stuff like make silly faces at the table, shove treats in their mouths when their parents aren’t looking and tickle frowns off their faces. But I have a confession; I don’t like all the kids allRead More →

So it has been five weeks since surgery and everything is going as expected. I am still taking it easy and am getting a little stir crazy trying to fill my days around the house. I’ve had plenty of time to do crafts, read about food and watch copious amounts of television. The hardest part is probably the seclusion. I’ve had some friends pop over and the joy of my mom hanging out with me on occasion but a majority of the time my days are spent alone. (This is where you should say “Awwwww.”) My sweetie pie is at work during the day soRead More →

Do you ever feel like your brain is scrambled? That confused feeling when you are trying to complete a simple task but for some reason it isn’t coming easily. You know the solution but for some reason you just can’t get there. (If I were a little older, I’d just say “senior moment” but I can’t use that excuse yet.) I’ve been feeling that way since my hospital stay. I just feel dopey. I find jokes harder to get and I get distracted easily. Look a bird is at the feeder. Where was I? I chalk a lot of this up to the fact thatRead More →

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness….(I know there is more to this but this is as much as I can remember.) I think the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities could also describe the recovery period after surgery. I’ve had days this past week where the Best of times can be seen in my recovery progress. I get excited about things that I haven’t done in weeks. When can I plan an outing? What cooking classes are coming up? Maybe I’ll wear pants today? But thenRead More →

We always seem to have a lot of overnight company. (Not like some freaky swinger stuff, usually old friends and family)  I’m not a fabulous hostess so I am not sure why these people keep coming back. (This attitude may be part of my poor hostess skills.) I just get really anxious that my house isn’t clean enough, the guestroom is too small and that they might not like my food. Usually a week before we have guests, I start freaking out about everything. I do the regular housecleaning but tag on a few extra things like vacuuming inside all the vents and windexing theRead More →

What are your thoughts on artisan sausages? No, I’m not talking about the statue of David by Michelangelo or the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. (Those are artist’s renditions of sausages and not the same thing…and yes…it was immature of me to go there.) If you’ve been trying to figure out what to cook for Fourth of July weekend, I’m sure you have seen artisan sausages in your meat department and asked yourself….”What is an artisan sausage?” Well I’m here to tell you about my new favorite artisan sausages by Kayem Foods (these are the folks that make Fenway hot dogs). After trying theirRead More →

It is funny how things change over time.  Behavior that is normal in one decade may be deemed abnormal the next.  My grandparent’s generation had very definite roles for men and women.  Women were the caregivers and men were bringing home the bacon. My parents generation started to change the roles with women fighting for equal rights as men in the work place and men learning that it was not unmanly to help out around the home and with the kids.  (Or was it my parents generation where the men learned they can go play golf after work because they knew that their spouse wouldRead More →

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Did you get your fill of corned beef and cabbage?  It seems like this year St. Patrick’s “Day” went on for weeks.  People seemed to have started the o’chatter very early.  (See how I added the o’ to make it more Irish?) I actually find the holiday really amusing because most folks don’t really know the o’meaning.  (Neither do I but I write a blog so I must be an O’thority on everything.) Simply stated it started as a religious day to feast and honor the patron saint of Ireland who died on March 17.  He was technically an evangelist withoutRead More →