“Deck the table with balls of meat Falalalalalalala Really so good no one will leave their seat Falalalalalalala There’ll be none in your trash barrel Falalalalalalala I’d even share them with my sister Cheryl Falalalalalalala” I think one of my (and my sister’s) favorite parts of the holiday season is the excuse to make a lot of little plates. Whether you see them as appetizers, tapas, hors d’oeuvres, amuse-bouches, or stuff on a stick; they are truly the highlight of my Christmas time treats. I like Christmas trees made out of cheese, peppers shaped liked gifts and strawberries with Santa beards. The anticipation of seeingRead More →

Do you ever do something and you KNOW it is a mistake? It could be as simple as eating that extra cookie or slice of cake. Maybe it is when you buy a dress a size too small thinking you will lose enough weight to fit in it by next summer. How about that selfie you took in the bathroom making a ducky face? (I really don’t get taking pics where you poop but to each his own.) I had one of those moments. (Maybe I had two because now I am rethinking that poop comment.) This weekend I thought it would be fun toRead More →

There was an interesting discussion with my husband, Earl, last week concerning my New Year Resolutions.   No, he didn’t want to add things like wear high heels more often or give him massages every night. (He has been asking for those things for YEARS and they haven’t happened!) It was the part about baking. He read that resolution about baking and immediately said “Hooray, I get cookies EVERY month!” I looked at him and said bluntly “Baking doesn’t mean cookies.” This was the moment I realized I am married to the Cookie Monster. He just stood there and said “No Cookies.” The look of sadnessRead More →

Do you hear what I hear? Are those trumpets tooting my horn? YEP! I am proud to say as of this weekend I “successfully” cooked EVERY cover of Bon Appétit magazine this year keeping my New Year’s Resolution! (Barb actually has kept all of her resolutions including the one to talk in the third person on Thursdays!) I enjoyed the experience and some of the obstacles these covers presented every month. The biggest challenge was the fact that I live in a smaller community. Our grocery stores do try to keep up with new foods but it takes awhile. (This is what slow food meansRead More →

2:34.  2:34? 2:34!  Why the heck did I wake up at 2:34?!  Now according to my husband, I was not fully awake.  I would have to agree.  I remember lifting my head, looking at the clock and plopping my head back on my pillow. I know I didn’t fully go to sleep for a few reasons.  First, my husband said I kept muttering it was a “bad time.”  I don’t know what that means.  Unless it is what a wife usually says to a husband in the middle of the night when she is trying to sleep.  (In his defense, I don’t think that wasRead More →

Do you watch the Emmys?  I do.  Of all the award shows it is probably my favorite.  (Except maybe when TV Land does anything that involves shows from the 70’s.) I like to watch television (Gasp!) so I actually know some of the shows/characters that are nominated each year.  I don’t know a lot of the nominees because I also watch a lot of non-Emmy worthy programming.  (Also known as, reality television.) So each year when I watch the awards, there are plenty of shows and actors that I have not personally seen.  (By a lot, I mean, anyone on HBO, PBS or with anRead More →

My earliest memory of making homemade bread can go back to my teen years.  (Technically, when Beauty and the Beast was released I was no longer a teen.   I was a late bloomer so my creative license is allowed.)   We (my mom and sisters.) went to Disney World and ate at a restaurant called The Land Grille Room.  It was a cool revolving restaurant in the Land Pavilion at Epcot Center.  My family was  lucky enough to be seated at one of their expansive booths that gave us the best view of the exhibit as the restaurant rotated.  (It is now called the GardenRead More →