Don’t look back….move forward. I can’t tell you how many times I have said that to others or myself. It is easy to look back and find mistakes. Looking back can sometimes make you lose focus on the now. Past mistakes are learning experiences that can only excel us into a better future. But then the other day I realized that my theory is good with the exception of some of my early recipes. I consider my early recipes good “starter” recipes for someone who was learning to cook. The other day I started to revisit some of my favorites and realized that there wereRead More →

I hope everyone enjoyed my Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week preview. I had debated on writing a Valentine’s Day blog in the mix of all of that but decided against it for one reason… Valentine’s Day was kind of awful this year. Now before I start getting the inquiries asking about the state of my marriage, we are more than fine. My husband is my heart and soul and I love him to bits. (I can hear all the single guys who read this saying “Dang it” and a few of the gals too…you know who you are…wink…wink.) My husband and I pretty much have Valentine’sRead More →

This is it….my last post for my preview of Chicago Northwest Restaurant week (February 24-March 5, 2017). Technically, the event is 10 days so you will have a lot more time to add on to your own list of places you want to go. (Click here to see all of the participating restaurants.) The last place I want to preview for you, Chef Vince’s Zeal (680 Mall Drive, Schaumburg, IL) felt more like I didn’t discover a new restaurant but that I found a long lost family member…who knows how to cook really well…and has a restaurant. Chef Vince’s Zeal had the magic of takingRead More →

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Did you go somewhere special? Do you need an excuse to go somewhere special?  Maybe it is time to rediscover one of your favorite places? During my odyssey of discovering my new favorite places to go during Chicago Northwest Restaurant week (February 24-March 5, 2017), I was lucky to dine at one of Chicagoland’s most special restaurants….Morton’s the Steakhouse,1470 McConnor Parkway, Schaumburg. (Over 30 years in business, Morton’s now has over 69 restaurants so make sure you find a location near you.)   I say it is special because it isn’t just a steakhouse; it is aRead More →

In my quest of discovering my new favorite places to go during Chicago Northwest Restaurant week (February 24-March 5, 2017), I found a restaurant that was literally right under my nose. (Or maybe I should say it was right under my bed.) I’m sure anyone who has heard of Schaumburg has either been to or seen the HUGE convention center that is part of the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel (1551 N. Thoreau).   The funny thing is that I was just here last year for a Scrapbook Convention. (The funny part is the coincidence that I was just here…not that I go to craft conventions.Read More →

How do you decide where you are going to go out to eat? Do you decide on a restaurant by the cuisine on the menu or a certain craving? Do you just have a place that is your go-to because it is a familiar name? Or maybe you don’t have a reason other than it is your favorite place to eat? I have recently learned the easiest way to discover my NEW favorite restaurant is to participate in the Chicago Northwest Restaurant week. (Don’t worry…you didn’t miss it…The promotion is running February 24-March 5, 2017.  I was given a little preview so I can giveRead More →

Three million one hundred fifty three thousand six hundred minutes Three million one hundred fifty three thousand moments so dear Three million one hundred fifty three thousand How do you measure-measure 6 years In food posts-in pictures In laughter-in plates of beauty In humor-in made up stories In vulnerability-in a weekly log Three million one hundred fifty three thousand Six hundred minutes How do I measure my life in a blog? For those of you who know the play “RENT”, you may recognize the theme of how I started today’s post. The song Seasons of Love was going through my head last night as IRead More →

The Super Bowl is this weekend. Yippeee….sports!!! (I’m jumping in the air right now and doing one of those fancy cheerleader kick things.) Every year I vow that I will pay more attention to what is going on in the football world so I can write a blog worthy of the big game. But then I watch one game…okay…part of one game…and that is it for me. I usually watch enough to make some sexist comment on the men bending over. I ask whom the quarterback is and if he has ever been on Dancing with the Stars. (FYI…football players go on DWTS AFTER theyRead More →