Three million one hundred fifty three thousand

six hundred minutes

Three million one hundred fifty three thousand

moments so dear

Three million one hundred fifty three thousand

How do you measure-measure 6 years

In food posts-in pictures

In laughter-in plates of beauty

In humor-in made up stories

In vulnerability-in a weekly log

Three million one hundred fifty three thousand

Six hundred minutes

How do I measure my life in a blog?

For those of you who know the play “RENT”, you may recognize the theme of how I started today’s post. The song Seasons of Love was going through my head last night as I closed my eyes to go to sleep.

You see, today is the anniversary of the first blog I wrote on February 7, 2011. I honestly can’t believe I have been writing posts for 6 years. (This will be 538 post for those of you keeping track.)

I am a little choked up as I am typing this because when I started Felt Like a Foodie, it was just a “thing” to do to pass time. Now Felt Like a Foodie is part of my identity and I’m really proud of it.

My goals with it have and will remain as simple as I am. I want it to be funny and entertaining. I want my readers to learn as I learn. I want to go new places and try new things. And most importantly, I want to continue to make new relationships with people who love food and friendship.

This past year has been a little harder to write a food blog because my Crohn’s disease just doesn’t want to let me eat like I did 6 years ago. Sometimes it has been more challenging than I will admit out loud. The food that I love so much causes me so much pain but I still want it even though my body seems to reject everything from chicken broth to lobster tails! (Seriously, if I am going to get a stomachache anyway….I’ll go for the lobster tail!!)

As always, I found it therapeutic to sit every week and share what pops into my head. And every week, I am fortunate enough to have found a group of readers who support me.

So as much as today is about me celebrating starting my seventh year writing Felt Like a Foodie, it is also about me celebrating all of you and all of the seasons of love you have shared with me.

I appreciate your feedback and continued support. I love that you all share my site with friends and that I don’t have to rely on advertisements to get new readers. And most of all, I want to thank you for being part of one of the most positive things in my life.

Felt Like a Foodie will continue to dabble in some different events and opportunities but mostly I’d like to stay true to who I’ve been since day 1. My grammar will never be perfect and I probably make up too many words but my joy comes from making you smile and connecting to you through a screen.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes….it will be amazing to see how we measure next year.