One of the things that I’m most proud about with Felt Like a Foodie is that I “try” to stay positive in the things I write about. (With the exception of teasing my hubby, in-laws and people in pajama pants.) But recently there is something that is really getting my undies in a bunch. I feel a bit hypocritical bringing this topic up since I have been guilty of the same crime. I like to think that my radical change gives me a little more room to call people out on what I now find one of the most irritating things I hear people say….Read More →

Did I ever tell you that I have a phobia? It isn’t anything as common as being scared of heights like acrophobia. It is less common than those spider-fearing folks who have arachnophobia. And it definitely makes more sense than those kooky-berrys who are afraid of dots. (Yep that is a real thing called trypophobia!) I have Cryophobia…the fear of being cold. We keep our house at a balmy 70 degrees, my towels are heated so I don’t catch a chill after I shower and we have an electric mattress pad that is turned on HOURS before we hit the hay. When I go outRead More →

I think the cold meds are getting to me. I was in the kitchen this week making Pork Wellington for Earl’s belated Valentine’s dinner when I channeled Beyoncé. If you don’t know who Beyoncé is she is a popular pop/R&B singer. She is tall, amazingly beautiful and African American. She can shake her body in ways that defy all science and gravity. She can dance and pop her booty like her hips are mechanical. And the woman can siiiiing!! You are probably thinking right now “Barb is it is like you guys are sisters from a different mister!” I hear that all the time! WeRead More →

It was bound to happen. It started with a sneeze followed with the sound of trumpets coming from the nose. A few coughs are thrown in for good measure and maybe a complaint of a sore throat. The world is now about to end. It is worse than just a cold and it isn’t just a flu…. it is the Man-Flu. In our house Man-Flu is what I call the drama that seems to come along with any cold my husband gets. When he gets sick it is like the apocalypse. I just want it over. But I’m about to say something that men everywhereRead More →

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! On February 8, the year of the monkey began. According to a reliable source (the Internet) people born in the Year of the Monkey are witty, intelligent and have magnetic personalities. Clever in financial matters and career, lively and versatile, gentle and kind, these traits make them ideal partners if you want an everlasting love life. However: They must watch their tempers and a tendency toward arrogance. (Here is a great article on the Monkey if you want some fascinating trivia to share with your friends.) I have a HUGE secret that I wanted to share with you all. Monkeys makeRead More →

Like millions of other people, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. I think I watch more to keep up with current events. If there is an amazing play, I want to see it. (And I want someone to explain it to me.) If there is a hysterical commercial, I want to guffaw with the world. If there is a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show, I want to rewind and look for the body part that slipped out of place! Finally, I have to watch the ending just so I have an inkling of who won the game. But yesterday was different for me. WeRead More →

*** I am still trying to work out the “comment” bug on the new website. I am also trying to lighten up the backgrounds. Thanks for your patience during this transition……and now on to this weeks post.**** Super Bowl weekend is upon us. Are you excited? Is your team playing? Do you know who is playing? (I don’t.) As you know from previous years, I’m not much of a sports buff. (Now if they showed some clips of the guys in the locker in the buff, I may be convinced to watch more often.) Don’t get me wrong, I think it is an interesting sportRead More →

Does something look different???  Well as I celebrate my 5th anniversary of writing Felt Like a Foodie, I decided it was time to give it a bit of a facelift.  (Both the blog and I need one but this seemed a little more sensible.) Felt Like a Foodie will continue to write everything from recipe stories to foodie fun days to great food finds.  I’m still learning about food.  I feel like I am a spork in a world of polished forks and knives.  I don’t take things as seriously as some food writers out there but odds are I am laughing a lot more!Read More →