Does something look different???  Well as I celebrate my 5th anniversary of writing Felt Like a Foodie, I decided it was time to give it a bit of a facelift.  (Both the blog and I need one but this seemed a little more sensible.)

Felt Like a Foodie will continue to write everything from recipe stories to foodie fun days to great food finds.  I’m still learning about food.  I feel like I am a spork in a world of polished forks and knives.  I don’t take things as seriously as some food writers out there but odds are I am laughing a lot more!

My goal is for my readers to see more of the blogs that have been recently written without having to scroll so much.  I am also working on a “print recipe” button so you don’t have to print out all my crazy stories with each recipe.

Thank you for making the last 5 years so amazing for me.  I truly love writing these posts and appreciate everyone who takes the time each week to read them.

I am still working out some bugs this week.  (If you notice anything really obnoxious, please feel free to email me at