I woke up just lying there. My hand searched for my underpants and I was still bewildered as to what had happened. I called over and over for my husband. He arrived by my side with tears shining in his beautiful blue eyes, kissed my lips and told me he loved me. Do you think you are reading an excerpt from a spicy book that is now making millions in the box office? (Seriously, that is making millions???) Nope, this is more like 50 Shades of Gray’s Anatomy! This was the scene that played out in the hospital. I’m going to deviate a little fromRead More →

I am not someone who follows any kind of specific diet. I’m not paleo, gluten-free or low sodium. I don’t watch my sugars or fat intake. Right now with the state of my Crohn’s, whatever doesn’t make me sick, is usually on my menu. (And keeps me a size 00!) But every now and then I do have to follow the dreaded clear liquid diet. When I hear that news, I usually scream silently “Nooooooo.” Do you know what a clear liquid diet is? It is friggin’ cubes of flavored gelatin or broth!!!! (I also get grumpy when I am on liquids, can you tell?)Read More →

Do you prefer peace? Are you most comfortable at home? Are you artistic but resistant to change? If so, this is your year! It is Chinese New Year and the Year of the Goat…or is that a Sheep? I think people lean towards the sheep because sheep are so cute and cuddly. I like to say goat because I’ve kissed a goat and it has bonded me to these ruminants for the rest of my life. (Ruminant is your word for the day. Ruminants are cattle, sheep, goats, giraffes and other one-toed ungulates. These are the guys who chew the cud that is…um, regurgitated fromRead More →

It is funny. Before I write a blog, I try to research the topic to make sure I am being somewhat factual. (Nope, that isn’t the funny part.) I mean, just in case my blog comes up in someone’s search engine on a topic, I want to be considered a good resource. (Still not the funny part.) The funny part is that I was looking up information on Fat Tuesday and I really couldn’t find a lot of material that matched. (Maybe that isn’t very funny either.) I information pointed it to being the day of feasting before the season of fasting for lent. IRead More →

I have a confession. I cheated on Felt Like a Foodie this week. Part of me feels kind of dirty but I also have gotten a rush out of it. Don’t worry, I did it safely….I did spell check, grammar check and didn’t do it for a check. (I’m not that kind of blogger!)  I didn’t do anything that bad….I just wrote my first guest blog. My favorite place for cooking classes (The Chopping Block in Chicago) asked if I would share one of my recent experiences (the ramen workshop) with their readers.  For me it was part of my celebration of 4 years of writingRead More →

It is a week before Valentine’s Day so the time is right to tell you of my new love. My beloved is HOT, satisfying and good for me. I want every liaison to last forever and I long for it on my lips. It is something I dream about and is the base of many of my fantasies. I am so fond of each experience…I pay for it! (Scandalous!) But last week, I found a way to bring my obsession home so I can have it all day and night if I want it. (And I do.) Yep, I finally mastered making Pho. PHO???? PhoRead More →

Am I blue, am I blue Ain’t these tears in my eyes telling you Am I blue, you’d be too If each plan with your in-laws done fell through Was a time I was their only one But now I’m the sad and lonely one, lonely Was I happy till today Now they’re gone and we’re through, am I blue Was I happy till today Now they’re gone and we’re through, am I blue Oh they’re gone, they left me, am I blue When you are fortunate enough to be married to the world’s best husband (yep, a total pre-Valentine’s day butter up), there hasRead More →