I have a confession. I cheated on Felt Like a Foodie this week. Part of me feels kind of dirty but I also have gotten a rush out of it.

Don’t worry, I did it safely….I did spell check, grammar check and didn’t do it for a check. (I’m not that kind of blogger!)  I didn’t do anything that bad….I just wrote my first guest blog.

My favorite place for cooking classes (The Chopping Block in Chicago) asked if I would share one of my recent experiences (the ramen workshop) with their readers.  For me it was part of my celebration of 4 years of writing Felt Like a Foodie.  I am proud of my little blog and this was a great way for me to share my growth with one of the places in the city that has really supported my efforts in cooking at home.

It was an awesome class (read all about it here and check out their other resourceful blogs).  I learned a ton and it was a great way to spend a cold Sunday. (Sorry to my subscribers who accidentally got the link too early.)  I am practicing what they teach and hope to post my own recipe inspired from what I learned in class!

The one thing I forgot to say in the post was thank you to my cooking mates Michelle, Anne and Doug. It wouldn’t have been as great as of an experience without you!