I always wonder how people discover new recipes. Do you just wing it? Copy from your favorite restaurant? Follow a blogger? (Or at least follow a blogger when she is actually cooking and not whining about her chronic illness…by the way…thanks for all of the support this past week!) I kind of do all of the above. (Especially the whining thing) With holiday gatherings, shopping and just a lot of friends playing hooky, I’ve been kept me from being too creative these days. So lucky for me, Kayem gave me some suggestions for easy weeknight meals using their awesome artisan sausages.   (I did a blogRead More →

It was the night before Christmas, when all through this house A creature was snoring and woke up this cute mouse  I left the bed quietly with great care, hoping  I wouldn’t wake my loving teddy bear 
All of a sudden as I left the bed, I doubled over and felt kind of dead.   With me in my nightie and him shorts, I wasn’t sure if I should wake him from his sleeping snorts. When down in my stomach there arose such a clatter, I knew instantly that there was something the matter. Away from my stomach my body did push and I wasRead More →

Do you hear what I hear? Are those trumpets tooting my horn? YEP! I am proud to say as of this weekend I “successfully” cooked EVERY cover of Bon Appétit magazine this year keeping my New Year’s Resolution! (Barb actually has kept all of her resolutions including the one to talk in the third person on Thursdays!) I enjoyed the experience and some of the obstacles these covers presented every month. The biggest challenge was the fact that I live in a smaller community. Our grocery stores do try to keep up with new foods but it takes awhile. (This is what slow food meansRead More →

Crackers. Loco. Bonkers. Daffy. Cuckoo. Deranged. Loopy. No those aren’t names Santa rejected for reindeers nor are they the names of some of the helpers in the Santa’s Workshop. (I have to say “helpers” because apparently elf is now considered politically incorrect.) Those first words define how I am feeling a week before Christmas. I really thought I was ahead of the game this year. My cards were out, shopping tasks were accomplished and my tree was up. But somewhere a week disappeared. How can Christmas be next week??? I have to get presents wrapped, cookies baked and my house is not clean. (Santa doesRead More →

Ring. Who is calling now? The caller ID says “HoHoHo.” Hmmm, Santa? He was just here, why would he be calling again? Did he forget to tell me something? I picked up the phone and hear a woman’s shrill high voice talking a mile a minute. I stammered “Mrsssss. Claus, is that you?” And then silence? What the heck? Are the elves bored and crank calling me? “Glitter? Jangle? Is that you? I’m going to tell on you if you are playing with Santa’s phone again.” And then she spoke…”Barbara Jean, this is Mrs. Claus.” (Whoa, does she sound like one frigid gal.) “Hi Mrs.,Read More →

Guess who popped over to my house the other day? SANTA CLAUS!!!! He came bearing an early gift from my friends at Hamilton Beach….a brand new Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap™ 10 Cup Food Processor.  Apparently, I am such a good little girl they had Santa hook me up early so my holiday cooking would be easier. Santa was hungry. (Seriously, you don’t get a body like that from working out!) I thought since he needed a snack, it would be the perfect time to try out my new food processor. I decided to whip up a batch of Pimento Cheese Spread since it wouldRead More →

One holiday done….and more around the corner. No matter what your beliefs are gift giving can sometimes be a pain in the rump. People these days buy what they want….when they want it. Unless it is my mom, who does not need to ever shop because giving birth to me has been the best gift she ever gave herself. (Now imagine my mom spitting her coffee across the room as she reads this!) I like to give people food gifts. (Insert your surprise face here.) My thought is that everyone likes some sort of food. The challenge is to give a gift that everybody likesRead More →