It was the night before Christmas, when all through this house

A creature was snoring and woke up this cute mouse 

I left the bed quietly with great care, hoping  I wouldn’t wake my loving teddy bear

All of a sudden as I left the bed, I doubled over and felt kind of dead.


With me in my nightie and him shorts, I wasn’t sure if I should wake him from his sleeping snorts.

When down in my stomach there arose such a clatter, I knew instantly that there was something the matter.

Away from my stomach my body did push and I was in pain all the way to my tush. (Not really but it rhymed)

The ER was on the route of where we need to go and seeing a doctor who would be in the know.

When what on my CT scan should appear is some weird stuff going on…oh no…oh dear. 

With a liter of fluid and a diagnosis so quick, I knew in a moment that I was becoming quite sick.


More rapid than heartbeats the specialist arose to wipe my tears and blow my nose.

With a flip of a chart on the hospital wall…they want to cut away, cut away, cut away all.

As I gathered my thoughts and continued to cry, I know my next step will be to see the surgeon guy.

So some time will pass before we will know, what they can do to fix my belly and where to stitch and sew.


Not the Christmas day we had on plan but I was happy to be with my sweet man.

It looks like there will be some things ahead that are a must and I will leave the details to the doctors I trust.

So I hope you don’t mind me sharing this day in our life and hope to make something yummy next week with my favorite knife.

I’ll keep on blogging about lots of great food but I might include some stories of this stuff that isn’t so good.


(PS Smile brought to you by pain meds.)  Edit on 12-29-14  This picture was taken on Christmas in the ER.  I am home and appreciate all the messages I’ve received this weekend!