One of the best things about being a blogger is that I can find out fun facts about food and then relay that information to my readers. (And everything I say must be true because it is on the Internet.) So today I thought I’d share some thoughts on egos…kale egos. I don’t think most people know but the kale ego is very fragile. Even though kale has gained popularity over the years, it still has some issues. Apparently, there are people out there that still don’t like it so it makes Kale feel “inadequate.” There is a lot of skill to stroking the kaleRead More →

Life is a like a playground. You can swing up high and feel like nothing can touch you. Or you can swing and jump off when life gets too scary. You can make the choice to only go down the slide that is straight and narrow so you know what awaits you at the bottom or you can go on the twirly slide and just enjoy uncertainty of the ride. It is a constant teeter-totter of ups and downs.   And depending how you look at it, it can be good or bad. (Unless someone jumps off the teeter-totter when you are in the up positionRead More →

I can’t drive anywhere right now without being distracted by the colors of fall. The pictures the trees are painting with their vibrant colors are inspiring and take my breath away. Everywhere I go, trees are on my mind and I feel like I have tunnel vision. So when I was invited to go to the “soft-opening” of Oak + Char (217 West Huron), I was intrigued. (Get it, there is a type of TREE in the name! My segues are almost as inspiring as fall colors, right?) Actually the “Oak” of the name comes from bits of oak every where in the restaurant fromRead More →

What are most people looking for when they visit the city of Chicago? Are you looking for some history? Maybe you go to the city for a phenomenal meal or two? How about just a place to relax and lay your head? How about all this stuff all under one roof? Tuesday, I was invited to check out the historical Hilton Chicago (720 South Michigan Avenue) and enjoy some food at their two restaurants 720 South Bar & Grill and Kitty O’Sheas. My expectations of the day were met from the minute I walked up to the hotel and was greeted by the Bellman namedRead More →

When I received this month’s Bon Appétit, I was so excited to see a pizza on the cover. It was going to be a breeze to knock this cover out and keep my resolution of cooking every cover this year. (And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared at what the holiday issues may toss my way in the next two months!) Making pizza at home is probably one of my favorite things to do but it has been awhile since I made a pizza pie on a baking sheet like Bon Appétit did this month.  Bon Appétit called this pizza aRead More →

Know what I hate? (Besides rainy days and Mondays, they always get me down.) Sticky noodles!!!! Have you ever had this problem? (By noodle I am talking about pasta/macaroni not some other kind of weird noodle you may have in mind.) The ol’ hubster (and his noodle) were gone somewhere last weekend and I was just craving a big bowl of peanut noodles. I got all my ingredients together and used my noodle to make a simple peanut sauce on the stove. (Recipe below.) I cooked up a package of fresh lo mein (egg) noodles and dumped them in the colander to drain. I wasRead More →

One of the best things about writing Felt Like a Foodie is the ability to share my zany stories about life and food with so many people. (By so many, I am including all my imaginary friends.) In the recent weeks, I’ve received some emails asking me how my Crohn’s disease has been since my surgery last year. I have good and bad days…I always will. Every meal has a “risk” element and I just keep my fingers crossed that today will be better than the next. It is pretty rare that I have a pain free day but I try to concentrate on theRead More →

Funny thing about doing a lot of events during September, the maid seemed to also take the time off too! I can’t believe how behind I am on just regular chores!! Toss in some extra fall work outside due to our trees dropping leaves…and I am spent. (At this moment my husband is laughing because I haven’t raked a leaf in years!) With that said, I wish there was an easier solution for dinner other than buying prepared meals or take out. On a busy day, I want to have a great meal on the table for my hubster that doesn’t require him unwrapping itRead More →

I don’t like change. I’m not talking about coin change; I’m talking about adapting to something new. We experience change every day in the weather or what we eat or which undies we are wearing. (I like changing underwear; it is so refreshing. Don’t you think?) I do okay with daily changes but unexpected changes just throw me for a loop! One of the biggest things I have trouble with is when a restaurant has a menu change. Since we do live in a smaller town, I pretty much know most restaurant menus by heart and have my dinner picked out before I even sitRead More →

I am so happy it is October!!! September was exhausting and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Wait…is a barrel of monkeys fun? Some monkeys are aggressive so there might be some tension in the barrel maybe even some poo throwing. So pretty much anything sounds better than a barrel of monkeys. If you are still reading after that bizarre tangent….I also like October because of comfort foods. (Monkeys don’t care about comfort foods because they usually live in warmer regions or barrels.) One of my favorite things I ate last month was potatoes au gratin at Shaw’s Crab House. We had a fabulousRead More →