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Foodie Fun Days

Oak + Char

I can’t drive anywhere right now without being distracted by the colors of fall. The pictures the trees are painting with their vibrant colors are inspiring and take my breath away. Everywhere I go, trees are on my mind and I feel like I have tunnel vision. So when I was invited to go to …

Asian Main Dish Recipe

Using My Noodle

Know what I hate? (Besides rainy days and Mondays, they always get me down.) Sticky noodles!!!! Have you ever had this problem? (By noodle I am talking about pasta/macaroni not some other kind of weird noodle you may have in mind.) The ol’ hubster (and his noodle) were gone somewhere last weekend and I was …


Ode (Owed) to Joe

One of the best things about writing Felt Like a Foodie is the ability to share my zany stories about life and food with so many people. (By so many, I am including all my imaginary friends.) In the recent weeks, I’ve received some emails asking me how my Crohn’s disease has been since my …