The day after Thanksgiving is one of the hardest days of the year if you ask me.  Your belly is all stretched out from the day before but you are running around so much on Friday, you don’t exactly make the best food choices.  (And for some reason the leftovers you were counting on for today’s dinner were stolen by your sister in law who happens to travel with her own Tupperware!) So what do you do to keep your energy up and eat well while you are hunting down gifts for your most beloved friends and family?  (Or in my case, the people IRead More →

Happy Thanksgiving!  I wanted to take a second and just thank you all for supporting Felt Like a Foodie. You have all touched my life in a way that you will never know.  Many of you know my story but for those of you who don’t, the Post Tribune was kind enough to publish a story about me this past Sunday. The response I have received has been overwhelming.  When I look back at the years when food was my biggest enemy, it seems surreal. Crohn’s disease has challenged my love for food for years and in all honesty challenges me on a daily basis.Read More →

I don’t care who you are but when it comes to cooking, I think we are all a little competitive.  Whether you are competing with yourself to make something tastier or you are cooking with friends, you always want your dish to be the most original, the tastiest and presented like a piece of art. This is the premise for the popular TV show where a set of “Iron Chefs” compete with some of the world’s best chefs in a battle of who can take a secret ingredient and showcase it better than their “friend.”  (Cousin Joe…I’m challenging you the next time we are together!!!)Read More →

The week of Thanksgiving is upon us and there is a lot to do.  I thought I’d give you all a little pep talk about the big day and a rough timeline to help you focus.  (Honestly, I’m not sure how this will help you focus but hopefully you will get a giggle out of my sarcasm!) At this point you should know how many guests are coming to your house.  Is there someone you forgot?  Not too late to ask them.  Is there someone you want to disinvite?  YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!!  It is just tacky.  (Note to my husband’s mom…See you Thursday, sigh.)Read More →

The holiday season is quickly approaching which means making time for your family and friends.  (Not to mention it is the season to eat and drink until your pants start to hurt!) One of my favorite things to do with a cluster of people that I don’t get to see often is go to the city for brunch.  It seems to have gained popularity again because I am seeing creative brunch offerings at more and more restaurants these days. We went to brunch a couple of weeks ago with some friends at Rockit Bar and Grill and they had a Bloody Mary Bar.  I haven’tRead More →

I felt frozen this week.  In our snowbelt area of NW Indiana, we got hit with multiple inches of snow and some pretty brisk temperatures.  The only thing that seemed to warm me up was the thought of going to the LUXEHOME CHILL event at The Merchandise Mart (Chicago). The seventh year, the night brought together 40 of Chicago’s top chefs and 150 Premium wines to benefit three amazing charities.  (Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras and The Lynn Sage Foundation). Once I arrived at the event, I was once again frozen but this time in my steps.  I wanted to takeRead More →

I have received a few emails asking me about my health since my surgery this past spring.  (I have ignored the requests to post pictures of me in a hospital gown.)  My life with Crohn’s will and always has been a battle but I am doing better.  I would be happier if I could gain some weight, have a little less pain and have more energy but the support from all of you is the best medicine and continues to inspire me to be stronger.  Thank you! Speaking of inspiration (how is that for a segue), nothing is a better cooking inspiration than Thanksgiving.  EverywhereRead More →

Am I the only one who feels you never forget your first?  I mean, the first chef to truly knock your socks off with their food.  (I’m not sure where you thought I was going on this one.) When I first started blogging, I had the honor to enjoy a huge feast prepared by Kristine Subido at WAVE restaurant.  I am not sure what was more captivating, her food or her personality.  Either way, I knew she was a chef I would want to follow for the rest of my foodie days. Early in 2012, Chef Subido announced she was flying the coop and leavingRead More →

One of my biggest adjustments to living in a small town was finding different options when it came to dining out.  In our area of Northwest Indiana, we have multiple franchised restaurants that all seem to have the same menu but very few unique, creative choices. So when I first came across Sahara Restaurant (1701 Franklin St.
Michigan City, IN), I thought it was a mirage.  A Mediterranean Restaurant in LaPorte County?  How is that possible? Well after I met Mo Mroueh (owner and all around nice guy), I realized the possibilities were now endless!   Mo has developed a menu for Sahara that not only satisfies theRead More →

I lost a lot of sleep last night.  I’m not sure if it had to do with the time change.  (Thanks Mom for the bizarro time change sensitivity gene.)  Or if it had to do with this nasty little cold that has been hanging on the past two weeks.  I just know that when I don’t sleep, my mind thinks of some crazy things. Last night, my mind was really wrapped up about pumpkincide.  What?  You don’t know about pumpkincide!  Pumpkincide happens every year around Halloween where thousands of innocent pumpkins are bred just to be sliced into decorations just for our whimsy!  It isRead More →