It is always by the end of July that I start craving winter comfort foods.  I’m not sure if I’ve gone crazy from the heat.  (Yes, the heat will be my excuse for insanity.)  Or maybe I am just tired of eating summer meals like salads, grilled proteins and popcorn.  (I’m not sure if popcorn is considered a meal but it is really easy to make on a hot day.) So this past week I was flipping the pages in the August 2012 Cooking Light magazine and saw a chicken potpie.  My mouth started watering!!  It looked so warm and inviting that it was callingRead More →

Dilemma.  I love sushi.  (Okay, that is not a dilemma.)  The problem is that not all of my friends love sushi.  (They have other redeeming qualities.)  So every time I leave my small town, I want to go to a sushi restaurant and they don’t. Well thanks to RA Sushi’s new updated menu, I will never have to choose between my friends and food again.  (Really that decision is easy….sushi wins!) I went to RA Sushi in Lombard, IL this past week with my friend Beth and did something I have never done before.   (And no it doesn’t have anything to do with drinking too much sakeRead More →

Am I the only one who keeps hearing about Lobster Rolls?  It is not like they are a new food item because they have been around since the 1970’s.  (I don’t know that for a fact, I was an infant and that was the rumor around the playpen.)  It just seems to be the sandwich of the moment right now. A New England favorite, the lobster roll is simply just a hot dog style bun toasted with butter, a little mayo, celery and lemon juice.  (I’ve seen a lot of variations such as tarragon, scallions, and hot sauce.) There is also a Connecticut variation, whichRead More →

Watching the vines grow, I look at my cute little vegetable garden and think of so many things.  First, I find it quite beautiful with its different shades of green leaves growing larger and more radiant daily.  The colors have expanded recently to include bright hues of reds and oranges on my tomatoes and peppers. I’ve also found a great peace in creating my own food.  The euphoria of picking an ingredient straight out of the garden and creating a recipe from it has enlightened my nights in the kitchen. The only bad part of my garden is that it DOES create a heck ofRead More →

I always find it interesting to find back-stories about food “trends.”  I never 100% know who is telling the whole truth but it is always interesting to read what is out there on the Web.  (Because if it is on the Web we know it is the truth, right?) So when one of my readers asked me why I didn’t participate in “meatless Mondays” I wasn’t sure how to respond.  I, honestly, didn’t know that Meatless Monday was a real thing.  I thought it was just a whimsy like Taco Tuesday or Sundae Sunday.  (I’m not sure if Sundae Sunday is real either but itRead More →

In the Midwest, our gardens are just starting to produce some veggies and the anticipation is unbelievable.  (Seriously, this is the most excitement I have right now.)  I get out a couple times a day and talk to my plants.  Our conversations are very one sided but fulfilling for all who are involved.  I do encourage their growth with frequent water baths and a nice big scoop of cow manure.  (Mmmm, who could resist that kind of treatment?) Between what is being produced in my own garden, trips to the Farmer’s Market and what I receive each week from my CSA, my produce drawers areRead More →

“Elevate your soul.”  Is this the motto for a church?  Nope.  How about a beach yoga class?  Nope.  It is the part of The Lucky Monk’s motto “Delicious Food and Drink and a Welcome Warm Enough to Elevate Your Soul.” Named in honor of the Trappist Monks (beer crafting masters), The Lucky Monk located in South Barrington, Illinois, takes pride in their amazing list of house brews, crisp, fresh pizzas and juicy, creative hamburgers.  (Keep reading to hear about their “Name your own burger contest.”) Now anyone who reads my posts knows that I am not a drinker but even their beer menu intrigued me.  Read More →

I am one of those people who really like Facebook.   It has been a fun outlet for me to keep up with family and friends.  (Without leaving the comfort of my Lazy-Boy.)  One of the best parts of FB has been catching up with people from the block I grew up on in Park Forest, Illinois.  It was the best block ever.  It was the kind of block that is imitated in TV shows for the interesting cast of characters and the vast stories in each and every home.  (We were no Wisteria Lane but we were pretty darn entertaining.) There seemed to be kidsRead More →