One of the best things about being a “foodie” is that when people go on trips they bring you back local food treasures. Earlier in the month, one of our friends dropped their oldest son off in Vermont for his freshman year in college. Guess what they brought back for me? Trout? Dilly Beans? Venison? (In case you didn’t know, these are popular foods in Vermont) Did you guess Maple Syrup? Then you would be correct!! Give yourself a round of applause. Vermont produces the most maple syrup in the entire Untied States of America so I could only assume it was going to beRead More →

Little fish, big pond…that was me yesterday.  I had the honor and pleasure of attending Chicago Gourmet sponsored by bon appétit  magazine.  I heard it was THE premier food event to attend in Chicago and I must admit, it was BREATHTAKING! I, honestly, didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  I knew it was advertised to have over 100 of Chicago’s top restaurants sampling food, cooking demonstrations, seminars and wine tastings.  (There were lots of different “alcohol” tastings but I didn’t partake in any because everyone knows I’m a mean drunk. Just kidding, I’m a naked drunk and I didn’t want to end up onRead More →

The end of summer means different things to people.  For some, it is a time to close up the pool and put the boat in storage.  (I fit in neither of those categories.)  For others, it is a time for one last vacation at their summer home on the beach.  (Not me…but if you have any of this cool stuff I’d love to be your friend.) For me, the end of summer is also a solemn time.  It means soon I won’t have fresh herbs growing in my backyard at my beck and call.  It also means that I had better harvest what I haveRead More →

Have you ever wondered why some foods get renamed because their original name is unappetizing?  Is there some chef rulebook that rates name perception? It is one of those things I think about as I become a more adventurous eater.  I speculate if I should actually ask what I’m eating or am I better off in the dark.  (The dark is normally a VERY scary place except in the culinary world.) Let’s take sweetbreads for example.  It really is one of the best compound words ever!  How can you go wrong with a meal that incorporates “sweet” and “bread?”  But don’t be fooled, my faithfulRead More →

I just found out that I was voted Chicago’s Most Valuable Blogger (Dining and Entertainment Division)!!!! Thank you soooooo much for your votes and support!!!  I am literally speechless. Given this will be the closest I will ever come to making an acceptance speech, I have to put out a couple of  special thank yous. Thank you to all of my readers who voted.  It is obvious that this blog would mean nothing without all of you. To my the family and friends who continue to cheer me on.  (Oh no they are starting to play the music to tell me to wrap it up.) AndRead More →

Before I write up today’s blog, I must first thank Benny for fixing my script error. I am so lucky that my husband has such brilliant friends!  I appreciate everyone’s patience with this problem.  I have to admit it made me a little grumpy. Speaking of grumpy (how is that for a segue?), have you ever heard of GMS?  It is a terrible affliction that happens to men called Grumpy Man Syndrome.   Are you familiar with it?  It is one of those ailments that your mother should have warned you about. I found out about it the hard way.  Or maybe I knew what itRead More →

If you read my article in The Beachcoast about sushi in NW Indiana, you will know that I recommended House of Kobe as a sushi spot.  I went there today and was very disappointed.  The actual fish was delicious but my rice was less than extradonary.  It lacked everything that makes sushi so wonderful.  It was overcooked, mushed onto the seaweed and there was no hint of vinegar. I did notify the manager and he made a small discount on my bill.  In addition, I inquired if the chefs had changed and he insisted that the staff was the same and that they just made aRead More →

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reads “Felt Like a Foodie” for voting during the CBS MVB contest.  (One last hint for you to vote for me.) The outpouring of support I have received has truly been a gift!  (Not as good of a gift as winning but that isn’t the correct thing to say is it?) The results should be out next week and I hope to be announcing my new title!Read More →

Last week I went out to lunch at a quirky fun bistro and was excited to see “Garden Fresh Tomato Soup” on the menu.  Tomatoes in NW Indiana and Chicagoland (shameless voting reminder) have been so good this season that I was thrilled to try the seasonal soup. The friend I was with inquired if it was vegetarian.  After our waitress rolled her eyes (seriously she rolled her eyes), she replied that what else would tomato soup be but vegetarian.  So my highly inquisitive friend inquired if the soup base was water or broth.  (She wasn’t being snooty she was just curious.)  Our waitress blurtedRead More →