When I made the decision to start a blog, I had all of these grand food thoughts in my head.  I was going to talk about rich sauces, new ingredients and creative new recipes.  I never thought my first post would be about my Superbowl leftovers.

As I always tend to do, I made way too many snacks last night for me and my husband.  I did the usual menu of barbeque little smokies, spinach/artichoke dip, dates wrapped in bacon, deviled eggs, crab dip, buffalo chicken and chips and dip.  It was great assortment to keep us energized during the big game.  Okay, we honestly didn’t favor either of the teams but it was great excuse to make some snacks.  I think we got more excited when we watched parts of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

After the game was over, I looked at the leftovers and just started to think of creative ways to add these ingredients to make some decent meals this week and limit my waste.  It is going to be hard to make anything of a “foodie” quality but it will be comfort food at its best.

To me, the spinach/artichoke dip is the easiest leftover to incorporate in a meal.  I make a cheesier rendition of spinach/artichoke dip just for this purpose.  I have found the mayo laced versions don’t hold up as well when you try to give them a new life especially in a pasta.

I have to mention that I love pasta.  It will be a common theme in this blog.  My love of noodles allowed me to first experiment with food during the picky years.  It was easy to try new foods when  you could mask the unknown flavors with a familiar texture of my macaroni friends.  I reconfirms the saying that you never forget your first love.  But I digress…

I’ll let you know tomorrow what is done with the dip.  My goal is to make a SUPER BOWL of pasta (I love puns).