That is it!!!  I’ve had it!!!  This winter is absurd!!  Yes, I know I live in the Midwest BUT that doesn’t mean I have to be flogged by snow every 3 days.  I was feeling like there was a light at the end of the igloo but this morning we are getting hit again!  (And why is that when a storm hits us we don’t get to name it but when it hits the east coast it gets a fun name?)

I miss being able to just go out without thinking about the roads or if my trip is absolutely necessary.  My time snowed in is being spent doing a lot of crafts and watching waaaay too much TV.

My kitchen has seen quite a bit of me too but I mostly want to eat things I don’t normally make at home.  Okay, I am being influenced highly by commercials and food people eat on television shows.  (Funny typo that you will never see:  I originally wrote that sentence and wrote that I want to eat the people.  The snow has given me cannibalistic instincts!)

One of my biggest food cravings right now is pizza.  It is really stupid because I know how to make dough and sauce.  It is just that my cravings come on so fast that I don’t really want to wait for dough to rise and odds are the roads are too bad to have one delivered.

But I found a solution to my cabin fever cravings the other week when I received a box from Relished. (Relished is now Home Chef.)      (Relished delivers ingredients and recipes to your door.  It is a fun way to try new foods and recipes without doing all the legwork.  I need to do a post on these types of services that are popping up everywhere.)

Here is an example of how the food is portioned out.  It really made dinner easy.
Here is an example of how the food is portioned out. It really made dinner easy.

One of the three dishes in the box was Naan Pizza. (Naan is simply a leavened, oven baked, flat bread).  They gave us some Naan with some tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and basil.  I literally swiped the naan with some olive oil, added the ingredients and popped it on my pizza stone for about 10-15 minutes.  (Check out their current menu options.)

That was it!!!  It makes complete sense to me now why people love flatbreads so much.  The flavor of the naan with the ingredients made it tastier than any pizza I could have ordered.   The pizza was really light but satisfied my craving instantly.

The best part for me is that now I can keep some naan in my freezer and make a pizza any time I want!! (I also think naan is healthier than some of the store bought pizza crusts but I’m not a nutritionist.  I just play one on my blog.)

So this week, I don’t’ really have an exact recipe.  It is just kind of a guideline from what Relished sent me.

I piece of naan was filling enough for me but if you are feeding a heartier appetite or a gal who has been snowbound since November and you are afraid she might try to eat you than you may want to make a couple of extras.

One Serving Naan Pizza Guideline

1 Naan flatbread (I tried the whole wheat this week, YUM!)

1 ½ cups of 3 of your favorite pizza toppings, chopped (I picked 3 because that is the magic number)

Olive oil or pizza sauce

1.5 ounces of favorite shredded cheese

Misc herbs and spices.  (Basil, oregano, salt, pepper)

Garnish with things like fresh basil or arugula if you want.


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Brush or top naan with your sauce choice.  (Use a pastry brush for the olive oil because it won’t need much.)

Sprinkle on some of your herbs and spices.

Spread on your toppings evenly and sprinkle with cheeses.

Put on a pizza stone for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melty and the naan crust is brown.  (If you don’t have a stone, just put it on a foil or parchment lined cookie sheet.)

Ta-dah!  I would call it a no nonsense pizza but it a NAAN-Sense pizza.  (This winter is really making my humor lame.)