Close your eyes. Smell the saltiness of the ocean in the air. Feel a spray of water hit your face as a mental wave splashes on the shore. Can you feel where you are? If you stop long enough, I bet you can almost feel the rhythm of the tide under your feet. This is how I felt on Friday, September 30 (3PM-10PM), when I went to Shaw’s Oyster Fest in Chicago. The smell was that awesome oceaniness (not a word but it should be) of fresh oysters, the splashes were itty bitty rain drops that Mother Nature decided to release (it set the mood)Read More →

I am so happy it is October!!! September was exhausting and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Wait…is a barrel of monkeys fun? Some monkeys are aggressive so there might be some tension in the barrel maybe even some poo throwing. So pretty much anything sounds better than a barrel of monkeys. If you are still reading after that bizarre tangent….I also like October because of comfort foods. (Monkeys don’t care about comfort foods because they usually live in warmer regions or barrels.) One of my favorite things I ate last month was potatoes au gratin at Shaw’s Crab House. We had a fabulousRead More →

Do you ever have crazy moments where you think the world revolves around you? Okay, maybe not the entire world but maybe certain things revolve around you like your family, job or friends. You have deranged moments thinking that actions of others are directly aimed at you even though every bit of your common sense KNOWS it isn’t true. I am starting to feel that way about my New Year’s Resolution of cooking every Bon Appétit cover. The May issue threw me for a loop. Why you ask?   Because there was nothing to cook on the cover!!!!!!! I opened my mailbox last month and wasRead More →

There are things we all enjoy doing during our weekends in the fall.  There are those of us who like to hang out at football games and there are others who like to observe the fall colors while hiking in the woods.  There are even people who really like to rake leaves.  (I was never convinced as a child that this chore was “fun.”) But for me, a cool Fall day begs for a cooking class. If you remember I had signed up for Shaw’s Crab House’s “Sushi School” this August with my first class in sushi basics.  I, unfortunately, missed the second class onRead More →

School days.   School Days.  Learn some sushi rules days.  Toasted nori, fish and some sticky rice.  Put together to make my weekend nice. It is that time of year when I hear this song over and over in my head.  (I may have changed the words just a little.)  I start seeing the ads on TV for back to school and it reminds me that I need to continue learning about food and different cooking techniques. Even though I have taken multiple classes on sushi, I like to take a refresher every year.  So when I heard Shaw’s Crab House was offering not one butRead More →

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  A grand crab and lobster buffet makes my heartbeat quicken.  A beautiful dining room with servers that don’t sing.  These are a few of my favorite things.  (Forgive me, Julie Andrews.) Shaw’s Crab House has been a part of my life for years.  It is one of those restaurants that after I enter, I want to order everything on the menu.  I always have my favorite things (oysters, sushi, lobster bisque and au gratin potatoes) but love to try new dishes too. So this past weekend, I felt like singing as I was able to eat it allRead More →