When I received this month’s Bon Appétit, I was so excited to see a pizza on the cover. It was going to be a breeze to knock this cover out and keep my resolution of cooking every cover this year. (And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared at what the holiday issues may toss my way in the next two months!) Making pizza at home is probably one of my favorite things to do but it has been awhile since I made a pizza pie on a baking sheet like Bon Appétit did this month.  Bon Appétit called this pizza aRead More →

One of the best things about writing Felt Like a Foodie is the ability to share my zany stories about life and food with so many people. (By so many, I am including all my imaginary friends.) In the recent weeks, I’ve received some emails asking me how my Crohn’s disease has been since my surgery last year. I have good and bad days…I always will. Every meal has a “risk” element and I just keep my fingers crossed that today will be better than the next. It is pretty rare that I have a pain free day but I try to concentrate on theRead More →

That is it!!!  I’ve had it!!!  This winter is absurd!!  Yes, I know I live in the Midwest BUT that doesn’t mean I have to be flogged by snow every 3 days.  I was feeling like there was a light at the end of the igloo but this morning we are getting hit again!  (And why is that when a storm hits us we don’t get to name it but when it hits the east coast it gets a fun name?) I miss being able to just go out without thinking about the roads or if my trip is absolutely necessary.  My time snowed inRead More →

Super Bowl Sunday came and I had BIG food plans until I looked out the window…SNOW!!  My mind heard the sound effect of Pacman being eaten by ghosts.  I did not want to run around to grocery stores when our roads were covered with fluff.  (If my car could eat the snow like Pacman, it would have been a different story.) I felt really deflated but I still wanted to make something fun for my hubby and I could eat during the big game.  I poked around my pantry and then it came to me…PIZZA!!! Homemade pizza always invokes happy memories.  My mom used toRead More →

I think you may need to sit down before you read the next sentence.  I’m not sure if I have admitted this before but there are nights that I don’t feel like cooking.  (GASP!)  It may happen because I am overtired or under inspired.  Either way, I still have to figure out how to put a decent meal on the table. It is at this time I play freezer lottery.  It is an easy game that you can play at home.  All you have to do is close your eyes and open the freezer door.  Dig around with your hands until they are numb andRead More →