***Please also read the following blogpost for some “corrections.”****** Have I talked about salmon before?  I’m sure I’ve done a recipe or two before but have I talked about how this good for you food is also pretty versatile in recipes?  It has become something I cook almost every other week if not every week.  (I will also confess that I like to put it on my menu when I order from HomeChef because they really have nice quality proteins.) First, the health benefits.  Wild Salmon (note….I said Wild not farmed) is filled with good vitamins (like B12 and Vitamin D), minerals and Omega 3’s. Read More →

You get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey You get a line and I’ll get a pole, babe You get a line and I’ll get a pole We’ll go down to the crawdad hole Honey, baby of mine All this time “resting” has given me the opportunity to go fishing….fishing for some new recipes and techniques. I feel that even if I’m not in the kitchen, I should toss out a few lines and see what I can catch. When I was trying to think about what I should concentrate on today, I kept getting snagged. It was like I would throw myRead More →

Oysters. People seem to love them or hate them. I wasn’t always one of the people who loved oysters. Their looks intimidated me. They smelled like the ocean. And I was seriously concerned that I was going to choke on a pearl. (I also can admit that I’m not always very bright.) I tried my first oyster about 5 years ago and I finally understood why there was so much fuss made about them. The love of them comes from the excitement of a beautiful tray placed in front of you. The oysters are usually nested in a bed of ice and have tasty accoutermentsRead More →

One of my favorite parts of my childhood was singing with my mom and sisters. (Even though half of us were tone deaf.) Mom would pull out her guitar and we’d look at all of her sheets of music and lyrics and beg her to sing certain songs. I remember sitting on her bed (the same bed I still sleep in today) watching her sing and strum the guitar. The joy in her face as she sat in front of us cradling her guitar made me smile and wish those moments never would end. Every kid thinks their mom is the best but when I’dRead More →

It is the middle of September and most of the kiddos are back in school starting a whole new year of learning. I thought why should the kids have all the fun! (Besides the fact that they are kids and that is what kids do!) My friends at Fortune Fish & Gourmet in Bensenville, IL gave me (and enough folks to fill the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier in Chicago) the education of a lifetime on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by hosting the Chicago Seafood and Specialty Show. The show provided an opportunity to taste and learn from over 160 of the finest Seafood andRead More →

Eeeeek!!! Another month has flown by and I ALMOST didn’t keep my resolution to cook every cover this year of Bon Appétit. I will admit I was lulled into a false sense of security when I first looked at April’s cover. The theme of this issue was “Cook like a pro…How to Make Amazing Restaurant Food at Home.” I was thrilled because I thought I was just going to get to recreate the fun scrapbook look of this cover. (You know I love any excuse to break out a glue stick.) I had it all set in my head that I was going to doRead More →

Confession:  I’m a cheater.  I am not the kind of cheater who betrays their husband.  Or someone who memorizes all of the answers in a trivia game before it is played with friends.  (Hmmm, who do I know that DOES do that?)  I cheat some nights cooking dinner. I think most home cooks are guilty of this “sin.”  We get busy doing other things and the next thing you know it is dinnertime.  We could run to the store but the day has worn on us and we just want to stay home.  (I say “we” because it makes me feel less guilty to knowRead More →