First, let me apologize for not posting for the last week or so. With the holiday bustle (and a husband who was home from work….A LOT), my quiet time alone with my computer pretty much disappeared. (Hubby is home now too…but I’m ignoring him.) I had a good holiday but honestly I am just ready to wrap 2016 up. I’ve enjoyed my many food adventures, time with friends and just taking advantage of daily opportunities of my life has given me but there was just something missing. Even though this was not a big surgery year, I felt that my struggles with Crohn’s disease didRead More →

Why is it in some families there is ALWAYS that one family member who everyone just loves. It could be the person with the biggest house and nicest car. It could be the one who has the sweetest kids. Heck, it could even be the one who has the best taste in music.  It can be anything. We all know who that person is but there is an underlying contempt for that person too. This is how it was in the Tso family. The Tso family, you ask?? Once upon a time in the 1800’s there was a family in China. (The “once upon aRead More →

Booooring! (I’m singing that word right now.) Tapping my feet, sitting behind my computer singing boring…BoRING….Booooring. I wrote two blogs this morning and I reread them both and just shook my head. Oh my…not good.  Yawn.  They were VERY informative but as much fun as watching paint dry. The problem was that I couldn’t complete a thought. I would start writing and then Google something completely irrelevant. (Example…did you know they still sell Pet Rocks? Sadly, this info byte is more interesting that what I was initially writing.) I was persistent and kept writing until I got a text from a friend. I had toRead More →

Do you have an extra freezer? I do. I really love having the convenience of buying things on sale or bulkier items and have a place to put them. The problem is that they can be overwhelming at times. I looked in mine the other day and just had so many thoughts go through my head. I first thought, why do I have so much bacon? Apparently, I buy bacon on sale and freeze it for a rainy bacon day. I have thick cut, thin cut, cherry smoked and duck bacon. (No…there is no turkey bacon…because plain and simply…I hate it.) I also found someRead More →

I am the person who just stands and takes a deep breath. I am the one who likes to touch the leaves on the tree. I am the woman who has to lean on a rock during a hike up to Laurel Falls. I’ve held onto a fence post in awe as I’ve looked at the scenery. I smile at the Meemaws as they sit on a bench waiting on their grandkids to finish shopping.. I giggle when someone calls me honey or sweetie. I pick up a southern accent in the first day of being in this community. I feel a peace within asRead More →