When you are with someone for numerous years, you do one of two things. You can either fall even more in love with them or you can start to hate some of the littlest things about them. My hubs and I have been together almost 19 years. Hmmmm. Where are we? I think for the most part we really dig each other. He likes my squishy parts and the color I dye my hair. He looks past my old lady eyeglasses and says I’m pretty. And when I dress up I think I can hear a “BOING” when he sees me enter the room. IRead More →

What is it about a toaster oven that makes everyone smile? Is it our childhood memories of our first tiny childhood ovens that cooked a cupcake with a light bulb? Do you have memories of being allowed to use it before you were allowed to use the “real” oven? Maybe it is just the fact that it is small and we love small things!!! One of the first things I really remember making in a toaster oven were crabmeat melts. Besides they fact that they were super easy to prepare, our old toaster oven was a perfect size to cook a small batch. It neverRead More →

I’m a thief…a no good rotten thief!!! Now before you start looking at FBI posters for my picture, let me say what I’m guilty of. I steal from restaurants….kind of. You are probably saying “Barb, you can’t “kind of” steal. You either do it or you don’t!” Let me tell you what I steal before you throw me in the slammer to go live a life of commissary treats and pruno. (If you are unaware of pruno. It is a hooch made from fermenting fruits and very popular in prison. I learned of it from countless hours of watching the TV show Lockup!) It isn’tRead More →

Clothing. Who decided that we needed to wear clothing? We aren’t born that way. (If you think about it, you really can’t be created at all without some nudity involved.) Little kids seem to be content with walking around in the buff and there are parts of this world where indigenous nudity is the norm. So why do we do it? What are we hiding? And who decided what needed to be hid? For example, men, there is the obvious cover up spot….their, um, feet. Who wants to see those??? They aren’t very pretty, kind of big (hopefully) and sometimes the hair growth is weird.Read More →

You asked for it you got it….I am writing my Pi Day blog BEFORE March 14 so you will remember to do something “Pi-ish” on Monday! For those who are new readers, Pi Day is celebrated on 3-14. (Get it…Pi is 3.14159….) It is probably the nerdiest holiday of the year. Given I married a nerd and he came with a hoard of geeky friends, I feel a social duty to celebrate Pi Day on Felt Like a Foodie. But the truth needs to come out this year. I’m not a fan of Pi or Pie!! Both of those words make me shudder. It isRead More →

Do you have words that make you smile? Is it something that people frequently pronounce wrong? Or maybe it is something that can easily be mistaken for a different word? (Words that sound like cursing and body parts often make me giggle.) Maybe it is as simple as how the word feels rolling off your tongue. One of my favorite grin from ear to ear words is noodle. (Did you know that March is National Noodle month?) There is just something about the word that automatically makes me beam! I think I like it because a noodle can mean so many things. Noodle can meanRead More →

Music. How does it affect your life? Does it bring back memories of singing in the car with your siblings? Or maybe it reminds you of concerts your mom would give as you sat on her bed watching her play guitar? Or it can simply just give you joy for no reason at all except for the fact that it makes you think of someone you love. There is a country group called Joey + Rory. They aren’t as well known as others but they have been one of my favorites. Their songs keep me company when I am in the kitchen. Their lyrics helpRead More →