The other day on Felt Like a Foodie I kind of joked around about strippers. I meant no offense. We all know that it isn’t a job for everyone and I shouldn’t judge anyone.   (Unless your parents gave you a name like Candy Cane, Cinnamon or Sunshine, you really didn’t have a choice.) I do know that would not have been my career choice. If I had to go that route, I would have been a lady of the evening….in Italy. I came to this conclusion the other day when I made Spaghetti alla puttanesca. Loosely translated, it is the whore’s pasta. Rumor has itRead More →

I just wanted to wish the readers of Felt Like a Foodie a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Whether you spend the day with a table full of people or a quiet meal with the one you love the most, I hope that not only your belly is full but so is your heart. Personally, I have so much to be thankful for each year of my life. As my Crohn’s disease continues to toss challenges my way, I look toward the good things that have embraced me because of the disease…..this blog is one of them. My mind has found an outlet to share my loveRead More →

It is Thanksgiving week.   Are there things you look forward to the most like the laughter, a pretty set table or an excuse to eat multiple pieces of pie? Maybe you love being the favorite aunt (moi), making gingerbread houses and cleaning someone else’s kitchen. I think most people like Thanksgiving because the menu is pretty much set in stone. You have a turkey, stuffing/dressing, a green veggie, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. Don’t forget the rolls, cranberries and pies are also on the list. You can’t miss those or everyone is going to talk about you. It is like the holiday is filled withRead More →

So Thanksgiving is less than a week again.  Have you firmed up your plans yet?  Are you the hostess still trying to get a handle your menu because no one will tell you what they are bringing?  Or maybe you are a reluctant guest who is only going somewhere out of obligation. Any way you look at it, the easiest way to get through Thanksgiving is to make this one thing….RESERVATIONS!!!  I thought I’d share with you a list of fabulous restaurants that want to take the heat out of your kitchen and give you a reason to get disowned by your family.  Looking atRead More →

Am I the only one who thinks that about reincarnation? I always wonder if we do come back to life, what would I want to be. A butterfly would be cool because no one ever gets mad at a butterfly. That whole cocoon thing has always been intriguing. Plus, I could have wings with some crazy print on them and they’d never go out of style. Of course, I could end up on some kid’s poster board science project so maybe that is a no. I could come back as a dog because they have a cushy life. They eat, play and nap. (Wait, IRead More →

Yesterday night we blew into Chicago to enjoy the Ninth Annual CHILL event presented by Luxe Home in the Merchandise Mart. (For those of you who don’t live in Midwest, we were having 30-40 mile wind gusts so we literally blew into the city!) This was my fifth year enjoying the event that benefits The Lynn Sage Foundation, Respiratory Health Association and Saturday Place and I must say this was year was one of the best. (Okay, I say that every year but that means it gets better and better!) Each boutique we walked into seemed like a new adventure. There were mariachi bands, fantasticRead More →

“A fun adult imagination is a terrible thing to waste.” I’m not sure if that is really a quote but I guess since I just wrote it in quotes, I could be quoted for the quote. There are a lot of things I imagine. I don’t live in a world of make believe (or maybe I do and none of this is real.) I do like to mock adult realities that just seem to stress people out. I’m not saying I fantasize about the burly young men that have muscles that bulge as they lift my mulch into my car. (I don’t even use mulch.Read More →

I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day and an attractive man was standing beside me tapping at his wrist.  (Please note: He was attractive but no where near as cute as my husband!) I thought it was an indication that he was in a hurry and offered to let him in front of me in line. He smiled and said he wasn’t in a rush, he was just seeing how many steps he had taken today.  He then told me 11,000. I kind of shrugged, I don’t know if that is good or not. I got all flushed and embarrassed, whatRead More →

How many things do you take for granted?   It could it be something as amazing as a sunrise or basic as the smell of your soap. It could be a special moment like having a coffee with your mom or a lunch with a friend. Whatever it is, you may not think twice about it because you are so used to having it you life. We went away the other week and I really thought about this topic. My husband and I watched the sunrise over the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and after seeing it, I don’t know why I don’t watch the sunrise everyRead More →