I am proud to say I am a cover girl.  Are you?  As you know, it can be pretty time consuming and overwhelming but the results are worth it. By cover girl of course I mean that I see a food magazine cover and I just have to make the recipe in the spotlight.  They always look so delicious and inviting.  (Can you tell food to “work it?”) I can only imagine the work involved by the professionals who specialize in this form of “still art.”  (Unless the recipe has Mexican jumping beans then you’ve got some action shots!) Every month, the magazine Bon AppétitRead More →

The Oscar’s are tomorrow and my mind is wondering what the attendees do on the day before.  (Okay, imagine squiggly lines like we are going into a dream sequence.) My Oscar dress is hanging on the door and my jewelry is laid out on my dresser.  (I decided to use my own jewelry instead of being frosted in diamonds by a designer.  I’m kind of low maintenance that way.)  My husband isn’t home because he is out getting his tux at the last minute and giving me a heart attack.  (Please stay away from anything edgy or powder blue!) I don’t have much to doRead More →

I’ve officially been writing Felt Like a Foodie for two years and I feel like I have been keeping a huge secret from my reader’s.  Or maybe it isn’t a secret.  Maybe you have been able to read between the lines and come to this conclusion on your own. The fact is I am a polygamist.  I’ve been one for years and I’m not really sure why it is such a taboo topic.  I just believe that flavors should be allowed to marry with as many foods as possible.  (Hope I am not insulting a bunch of sister wives out there!) Marriage in food isRead More →

I have a confession this morning.  I like to look at food pictures online.  I go to restaurant websites or Facebook pages and view these images like a peeping Tom. Yes, I know, it is a little bit voyeuristic but when you don’t live in a big city, you do what you have to do. This past week, as you know, was the Chinese New Year.  One restaurant I love to stalk, Sunda (110 W. Illinois St., Chicago) was having a fabulous celebration and an enticing menu to celebrate the Year of the Snake. The photos online made me want to jump through my computerRead More →

“Let’s order Chinese.”  It was one of my most feared dinner recommendations as a kid.  I hated Chinese food.  Everything was always mixed together and it was almost impossible to get away from vegetables.  (And even if I could pick out the veggies, they still managed to get their flavor intertwined in the sauce and meat.) There was always the good old stand-by of getting sweet and sour chicken and keeping your fingers crossed that it was just a white container with plain nuggets.  Of course if this was the case, I have memories of my sisters telling me that I was hogging the chicken. Read More →

Hiisssssss!!!!  (That is how a snake would say Happy New Year!)  The year of the Dragon is coming to an end and the Year of the Snake will slither in this weekend. I’ve read a lot about “snake people” and I must say I am now intimidated.  (Snake people were born in the years:1905, 1917,1929,1941,1953,1965,1977, 1989,2001.) The Snakes are graceful and exciting but also kind of dark.  Not as emotional as the other signs, they do become stressed easily and prefer calm and quiet.  The Snake is keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise. Snakes are organized and precise.  They have immaculate taste and onlyRead More →

Super Bowl Sunday came and I had BIG food plans until I looked out the window…SNOW!!  My mind heard the sound effect of Pacman being eaten by ghosts.  I did not want to run around to grocery stores when our roads were covered with fluff.  (If my car could eat the snow like Pacman, it would have been a different story.) I felt really deflated but I still wanted to make something fun for my hubby and I could eat during the big game.  I poked around my pantry and then it came to me…PIZZA!!! Homemade pizza always invokes happy memories.  My mom used toRead More →