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Italian Pasta Story

Grandma’s Manicotti

Even though I was a picky eater as a child, there was one meal that always got me to clean my plate….Grandma’s Manicotti.  It usually graced the table during the holidays or special birthdays.  I didn’t appreciate back then that everything from the sauce to the shells was made from scratch.  I did know it …

Recipe Seafood

Love at First Bite

It only seems right that I would fall in love with a new recipe the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  I received my weekly “erecipe” from Cuisine at Home (more on this publication in future blogs) on Thursday and my mouth started watering.  It was for “Broiled Citrus Seafood in Bouillabaisse Broth.”  It had everything I …


The Picky Eater…part 1

I was recently asked how does someone who grew up as a picky eater become a foodie? It really was an interesting evolution. I was really horribly picky. My foods couldn’t touch each other, they had to be the right texture, and, god forbid, there was anything green.  I was the kid that had to …