It only seems right that I would fall in love with a new recipe the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  I received my weekly “erecipe” from Cuisine at Home (more on this publication in future blogs) on Thursday and my mouth started watering.  It was for “Broiled Citrus Seafood in Bouillabaisse Broth.”  It had everything I loved in one shallow bowl.

As I do when I receive a new recipe, I read it thoroughly.  The list of ingredients, lobster, shrimp, scallops, saffron and fennel, made me want to run to the store without delay. I tried to be sensible and put the recipe aside because I already had a menu planned for the weekend and I didn’t want to go to the store again.

But let’s face it, a gal never thinks clearly when she is in love.  I wanted that broiled lobster in front of me and I wanted it now.

I got to the store and as I normally find in small town groceries, I was not going to find all of the ingredients I needed.  I compromised a little by settling for bay scallops when the recipe called for sea scallops and I couldn’t find fresh raw shrimp so I bought some cocktail shrimp they had available for the holiday.

When I arrived home, I realized that I didn’t have the regular lemon and orange called for in the recipe.  Luckily, I had a meyer lemon and a blood orange in the refrigerator.  I zested them and just inhaled as the citrus gave me a temporary mental vacation from the cold.  As I always am with citrus marinades, I watched the time closely.  The acid in the citrus juice can “cook” the seafood and make it mealy and that would be a crime.

While the seafood was marinating, I hustled to get the broth on the stove.  I wanted the flavors of the fennel, garlic, saffron, and lemon to blend thoroughly before I introduced it to the seafood.  In addition, I made a semi-traditional rouille consisting of olive oil, roasted red peppers, garlic and tarragon.  I had some crostini leftover so I invited it to the love-in.

I broiled my lobster per the instructions on the recipe (see link).  I didn’t want the little bay scallops to overcook or for the already cooked shrimp to get tough so I didn’t add them until the last couple of minutes.

The matchmaking of this seafood with the bouillabaisse broth was entrancing.  It was a brew of lovely citrus shellfish dancing atop a warm, vegetable filled broth.  The rouille topped crostini joined the party and completed this love affair.

My husband and I enjoyed every bite and I can’t wait to fall in love again and again.

The entire recipe’s link can be found in my Blogroll under Love at First Bite.