Do you get distracted easily?  Do you look at your phone every time it lights up?  Do you stop in midsentence when you suddenly remember something?  Do you see a hawk in the sky when you are driving and veer a little off the road?  It doesn’t take much for me but I get distracted. One of my biggest distractions is when I’m eating a meal that I really like.  It doesn’t matter what conversation is happening in front of me, I am dissecting the dish in my mind.  You could be telling me your darkest secrets and my head is diverted into wondering ifRead More →

I love to make recipes from different areas of the world. I feel even though I may have never been to very many places, I can get a taste of what the natives are eating. (Unless there are areas where natives are eating natives, I won’t do that.) I sometimes am hesitant to write about my attempts in fear of them not being authentic. People get so hopped up when you aren’t genuine or real with things. Example….this one time I put on a super padded bra. It was kind of neat to see how different I looked but when I walked out of myRead More →

The leaves are starting to change colors and there is briskness in the morning air. The smells of the outdoors have lost some of the floral essence and now smell woody. The warmth of the sun seems to be powering down and there is just enough chill to make me want to stay home. It is fall. Now it may not seem like it but fall is MY season. If there were such thing as a spirit season this would be mine. I just love almost everything about this time of year except for one thing….my garden. I emotionally have a hard time when myRead More →

There are a lot of things I love about winter. There is a beauty in the bare trees and snow covered fields. The animal tracks in our yard allow me to see who besides birds are coming to the feeder. The sun seems to shine directly on me as if it knows I am always cold. I welcome the slowness of the season that gives me the time to get some things done in the house. The quiet on the streets because people are only going out when they need something for their homes or to go to work. The peace in knowing that IRead More →

The week before Christmas is always such a neat time. The hustle and bustle of trying to get things done, hearing from folks across the country and eating yummy things. When I was younger, I used to love the week before Christmas because it meant my sisters would be home from college. I lived at home with Mom and both my sisters went away to college. I think I liked how our lives seemed to be back into a routine. We had a definite list of things that we bickered about such as phone use, car availability and who would call for the pizza. (ItRead More →

It is a week before Valentine’s Day so the time is right to tell you of my new love. My beloved is HOT, satisfying and good for me. I want every liaison to last forever and I long for it on my lips. It is something I dream about and is the base of many of my fantasies. I am so fond of each experience…I pay for it! (Scandalous!) But last week, I found a way to bring my obsession home so I can have it all day and night if I want it. (And I do.) Yep, I finally mastered making Pho. PHO???? PhoRead More →

Can you believe that it is September already??? Did everyone have a great Labor Day weekend? Did you have your grills going? I didn’t barbeque this weekend because I did a family BBQ last weekend for my husband’s birthday, which his mom coincidently calls Labor Day too. (Actually there should be a National Holiday for HER given the size of my husband’s melon!) Our BBQ had the regular fare with the exception of the abundance of grilled veggies I made for the crowd. Hubby loves his veggies and insisted that we have plenty on hand for all of our guests. But you know what? WhenRead More →

As a child of divorce, you get used to some of the quirks that come from a “broken” family.  You don’t get to say good night in person to both parents.  You spend a lot of time repeating stories and forgetting which parent already heard it.  And you worry a lot about the one you don’t see daily.  (It isn’t all bad because you do get double the birthday presents and two Christmas celebrations but I didn’t want to sound shallow.) The other quirk is, that in most cases, you will also meet your parent’s dates.  You hope you like them and more importantly thatRead More →

Out of nowhere the other day, my friend asked me if I had a favorite peninsula.  I had to chuckle when I replied that I loved the Yucatan Peninsula, doesn’t everyone?  She, of course, asked when I had gone there.  I said only my taste buds had been there via their Sopa de Lima soup.  Apparently my humor was not appreciated because after an eye roll and sigh, she changed the topic. I, on the other hand, relived my first awareness of the Yucatan Peninsula in my head. I will admit that I could not find the Yucatan Peninsula on a map if I tried. Read More →

I love soups that can be considered a meal.  They are warm and completely satisfying while only dirtying one pot. Plus it gives me an excuse to eat with a spoon and I love to spoon! To me, there is nothing better than homemade soup.  In canned soup, the flavors seem to mush into each other and the veggies have lost their bite.  In homemade soups, each ingredient is allowed to evolve on its own.  If you close your eyes and take a bite, you can taste each piece of celery, carrot or chicken.  The other part is by tasting the soup as you goRead More →