Drum roll please….it is time for the Annual….DEVILED….EGGS…blog!!!!! (I guess I gave it away in the title.) Hooray!!!!!!!! I think this has become one of my favorite blogs on Felt Like a Foodie. I know that if I didn’t feel the pressure to write about deviled eggs every year…I probably wouldn’t force myself to experiment with the fillings. (Oh who am I fooling…I’m so wild…I would probably do this anyway!) I was perusing the Internet getting some inspiration and I noticed something I never had seen done to a deviled egg before. (Please note…do not look at a website called Deviled Egg Fetishes….if you wonderedRead More →

One of the many highlights of writing Felt Like a Foodie is the communication I have with my readers. I get Facebook posts telling them that I made them laugh. I get comments on how they tried a recipe and just loved it! And then I get some emails that are let’s say a little more explicit. (Explicit as in detailed, not as in naughty but I do get those too.) Apparently there are things that I find important to include in a recipe, like exact measurements, that some people just feel are unnecessary. Case in point, my annual deviled egg recipes. Since year oneRead More →

It is that time of year….deviled egg season.  When I started to create this year’s variations, I had to admit something to myself.  I don’t know where chicken babies come from. One of our friends brought me 2 dozen beautiful, fresh farm eggs.  Talk about authentic…they still had hay and poop on them!  (The poop was kind of gross but it made me feel these eggs were more legit.) As I cleaned off my eggs, I started to freak out that I was going to find an underdeveloped chicken in one of them.  How do the farmer’s know what the heck is going on inRead More →

Don’t you hate you go to your favorite blog (moi?) and the writer isn’t writing about the intended topic.  It’s like a quilting blog only talking about their garden, or maybe a golfer talking about hiking or how about a foodie talking about how she can’t eat and doesn’t want to cook because she has been having a flare up of her Crohn’s disease.  (This is all hypothetical, of course.) Well THIS foodie actually got her hinny in the kitchen today.  I knew Easter was just around the corner and felt the need to do some more deviled eggs.  I had so much fun theRead More →