I’ve received some requests for my annual “What to do with a deviled egg” post….I hope to post one this weekend.  I’ve had a bit of a bug this week and haven’t been eating real food….with that said…I may do a post on the tastiest broths in the grocery store.  Hang tight…I can’t makeup some fun new fillings!Read More →

First, let me apologize for not posting for the last week or so. With the holiday bustle (and a husband who was home from work….A LOT), my quiet time alone with my computer pretty much disappeared. (Hubby is home now too…but I’m ignoring him.) I had a good holiday but honestly I am just ready to wrap 2016 up. I’ve enjoyed my many food adventures, time with friends and just taking advantage of daily opportunities of my life has given me but there was just something missing. Even though this was not a big surgery year, I felt that my struggles with Crohn’s disease didRead More →

So Thanksgiving is next week…what is your favorite part? The food? The people? The memories? The anxiety? (I’m saying this for a friend…yep…let’s go with that.) I thought a good post for this week would a few helpful thoughts to make next week’s dinner the best ever. Have NO expectations….expectations lead to disappointment. If you have a turkey, you should just be grateful. You will live if it is dry, overcooked and cut up like it went through a wood chipper. (I swear…these aren’t my experiences it is my friend…um…Sally…yep…she is the one who told me to say this stuff.) Don’t talk politics…that is goingRead More →

Fusion. Do you know what that word means? A rough definition of the word “fusion” is the combination of 2 or more things to make a single entity. In the food world, fusion can be interpreted as a way of combining different cultures and flavors through cooking. Historians probably would argue that if you look at the history of food, you are probably also looking at an archive of food fusion. Some of the most famous feuds in the world are based on arguments of how different foods are supposed to meld together. I do believe the initial fight between the Hatfields and the McCoysRead More →

Dear Readers, I ended up in the hospital last week with a kidney stone.  It is now gone (you really don’t want the details) and I am starting to move around.  My head is still really fuzzy and I’m not really cooking. With that said, I probably won’t do a post this week! Thanks for your patience for this patient. BarbRead More →

Hooray! The holidays are over and 2016 is safely upon us. I had a truly terrific holiday season with lots of time with my husband, Earl, a lot of delicious food and people who I love. (And some of them love me back!) I think I will always have moments during the season where I feel a little melancholy missing those who aren’t with us anymore, old traditions that no longer exist and the way the world has changed. I’ve grown up enough to be at one with my thoughts, move forward and appreciate the things I have in my life. (But not grown upRead More →

So Thanksgiving is less than a week again.  Have you firmed up your plans yet?  Are you the hostess still trying to get a handle your menu because no one will tell you what they are bringing?  Or maybe you are a reluctant guest who is only going somewhere out of obligation. Any way you look at it, the easiest way to get through Thanksgiving is to make this one thing….RESERVATIONS!!!  I thought I’d share with you a list of fabulous restaurants that want to take the heat out of your kitchen and give you a reason to get disowned by your family.  Looking atRead More →

Yesterday night we blew into Chicago to enjoy the Ninth Annual CHILL event presented by Luxe Home in the Merchandise Mart. (For those of you who don’t live in Midwest, we were having 30-40 mile wind gusts so we literally blew into the city!) This was my fifth year enjoying the event that benefits The Lynn Sage Foundation, Respiratory Health Association and Saturday Place and I must say this was year was one of the best. (Okay, I say that every year but that means it gets better and better!) Each boutique we walked into seemed like a new adventure. There were mariachi bands, fantasticRead More →

“A fun adult imagination is a terrible thing to waste.” I’m not sure if that is really a quote but I guess since I just wrote it in quotes, I could be quoted for the quote. There are a lot of things I imagine. I don’t live in a world of make believe (or maybe I do and none of this is real.) I do like to mock adult realities that just seem to stress people out. I’m not saying I fantasize about the burly young men that have muscles that bulge as they lift my mulch into my car. (I don’t even use mulch.Read More →

It has only been about a week since I tore out my garden and I must say I feel a little batty. There was something about this year’s garden that fulfilled every ounce of my being…..and I’m not just talking about my belly. There was something about going outside and being in the fresh air that was very therapeutic to me. I would talk to my plants, butterflies would sit on my shoulder and the birds were singing just to me. (I would say it was like a Disney movie but I don’t want to jinx my mom, so I’ll say a fairytale.) I wentRead More →