Have you tried any new foods lately?  Not just tried them but learned a way to like them?  Do you do it willingly or is there some hesitation?  Will you taste it multiple times to see if you truly like it or are you a one bite and done? Even in all my food adventures, I sometimes get my picky girl face on when it comes to something different.  Even before it hits my mouth, I start with a forehead wrinkle and a very straight face.  I take a bite with uncertainty and hope I like it. The bad thing is that I think weRead More →

How caught up to you get in word definitions?  Do you feel the need to correct people?  Do you let it slide because it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things?  Do you deliberately say things improperly just to see if your “friend” will correct you?  (This is one of my favorite games to play….you’ve been warned) I say a lot of things wrong. (Stop looking surprised….or feigning a look of surprise.)   I either pronounce words wrong or say them in the wrong context.  (I just looked up context because I wasn’t confidence that it was the correct word.)  I sometimes just haveRead More →

So, Labor Day is here (or past depending on when you are reading this) and we already have leaves in the yard.  I’m not complaining….Fall is my spirit season.  The cooler weather, the changing colors and comfort food makes me happy….really happy. I was walking a lot in my yard this past week and enjoying a breeze as it whipped through my hair like a supermodel under a fan in a photoshoot (okay….I’m pushing it here but you’ve got the picture.) The handful of leaves were rattling behind me as I stopped to pick more from my bountiful crop of tomatoes.  As I plucked thoseRead More →

Happy July!!!  Any big summer plans?  Do you like to just hang out at home and avoid summer crowds?  Or maybe this is the only time of year you get off work so you take a big vacation? I like the mini-stay close to home vacation.  I feel like I’m getting away but I still pack like I’m going on a safari.  (Actually, I think I pack like the Howell’s from Gilligan’s Island.  I don’t have any boas or gowns but I do have my bag count usually outnumber my days away.) We went on a trip the other week out east to visit someRead More →

Hooray the sun is shining, itty-bitty green leaf buds popping out on my trees limbs and the daffodils are in full bloom….aaaahhhhh…Spring is finally looking like…well…spring!!!! I love everything about the newness of the season…well…almost everything. I don’t like the warmer days!!! Whaaaat??? I’m probably in the minority on this topic but it is just weird that it was in the 40’s last week and just yesterday it hit the upper 70’s!! What happened to the 50’s, the 60’s and the 70’s??? (It kind of like aging…I don’t know what happened to my 30’s and now somehow I’m in my late 40’s!) A few moreRead More →

I love to make recipes from different areas of the world. I feel even though I may have never been to very many places, I can get a taste of what the natives are eating. (Unless there are areas where natives are eating natives, I won’t do that.) I sometimes am hesitant to write about my attempts in fear of them not being authentic. People get so hopped up when you aren’t genuine or real with things. Example….this one time I put on a super padded bra. It was kind of neat to see how different I looked but when I walked out of myRead More →

Booooring! (I’m singing that word right now.) Tapping my feet, sitting behind my computer singing boring…BoRING….Booooring. I wrote two blogs this morning and I reread them both and just shook my head. Oh my…not good.  Yawn.  They were VERY informative but as much fun as watching paint dry. The problem was that I couldn’t complete a thought. I would start writing and then Google something completely irrelevant. (Example…did you know they still sell Pet Rocks? Sadly, this info byte is more interesting that what I was initially writing.) I was persistent and kept writing until I got a text from a friend. I had toRead More →

The leaves are starting to change colors and there is briskness in the morning air. The smells of the outdoors have lost some of the floral essence and now smell woody. The warmth of the sun seems to be powering down and there is just enough chill to make me want to stay home. It is fall. Now it may not seem like it but fall is MY season. If there were such thing as a spirit season this would be mine. I just love almost everything about this time of year except for one thing….my garden. I emotionally have a hard time when myRead More →

Barb was lying in the hammock in the back yard reading a book that her friend told her about, Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal. She was only a couple of chapters into the book and was thoroughly enjoying it. She was kind of surprised that she was taking so much pleasure in this particular read because it was written in the third person. In her life, she knew two things that she usually didn’t like in books….third person writing and English humor. (Sorry England, Benny Hill ruined it for her as a child.) As she continued to read the story, sheRead More →

It was bound to happen. It started with a sneeze followed with the sound of trumpets coming from the nose. A few coughs are thrown in for good measure and maybe a complaint of a sore throat. The world is now about to end. It is worse than just a cold and it isn’t just a flu…. it is the Man-Flu. In our house Man-Flu is what I call the drama that seems to come along with any cold my husband gets. When he gets sick it is like the apocalypse. I just want it over. But I’m about to say something that men everywhereRead More →