Happy New Year.  Last year went too quickly and I was so preoccupied with puppy training.  I felt like I was reading more about dogs than I was about food and didn’t feel motivated to cook let alone eat.  I won’t go into the nitty gritty details because I feel so happy now with Scout but trust me…that puppy brought out some ugly moments in this house. Speaking of ugly (yep…my awkward segues are back), have you ever used a celery root?  Despite the name, it technically isn’t the root of our favorite peanut butter delivery vessel.  Celery root (or celeriac) is an uuugggggly knobRead More →

One of my favorite parts of summer is also one of my most dreaded parts of the summer.  It isn’t the fact that we finally have beautiful sunshine and yet the afternoons are too steamy to go out.  It isn’t the fact that our scenery in NW Indiana looks so amazing that our roads get packed with the tourists all trying to see it.  It isn’t even the reality that the cool nights get spoiled by the sting of mosquitos. It is really simple….it is pasta salad.  I LOOOOOOVEEEEEE pasta salad.  I mean it is pasta (WIN) and it is considered a salad.  (Okay, notRead More →

I had an epiphany last week. I seem to have a lot of them lately. They are true lightbulb moments that I sometimes look up to see if a lightbulb just flashed over my head.  I’m wondering if epiphanies come with age or I need maybe I just need to be medicated.  (Now I’m thinking of one of those medicine commercials advertising a drug for epiphanies and wondering what kind of a face an actor would make to show that emotion.) I digress.  I usually write a birthday blog but this year, I just couldn’t.  It had nothing to do with becoming a year older (because let’sRead More →

Make good choices. This is what I tell my husband every time he has to make a food decision when I’m not around. Like a cute little angel on his shoulder, I like to be a constant reminder that the pantry can be the devil sometimes. To him a balanced meal is holding the bag of M & M’s in one hand while shoving cookies in his mouth with the other one. I’m no saint when it comes to pantry temptations.  The only difference is that he goes for sweet treats and I go for salty. My biggest weakness is potato chips. I like everythingRead More →

Do you remember having a substitute teacher in school? Depending on the class, this imposter would come in and either be the coolest person in the world or a complete nightmare. They could be funny and laid back or be the kind who wants to quiz you on things you haven’t even learned again. Maybe no one can ever fill the shoes of your teacher so it doesn’t matter who subs in. I am kind of like that with food substitutions. I’m not talking about doing something easy like subbing ground turkey for ground beef or fettuccini for spaghetti. I’m talking about really out ofRead More →

My apologies to Vanilla Ice.  I know he likes to cook so I am hoping this will be flattering to him…. Be happy right now that I did not make a video to accompany my mutilation of this awesome classic rap song. Yo, homecooks, let’s kick it! Rice rice baby Rice rice baby All right stop Collaborate and listen Rice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tightly Then I flow with a spoon daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know Turn on the stove and it’ll glow To the extreme I rock a spatulaRead More →

Christmas is for the little ones. The season is all about them and making them shine. We enjoy every bit of them even when we have to poke their little eyes out. WHAT??? Why are you looking at your computer screen all weird? I’m talking about those cute little potatoes you see in the bags at the market. What did you think I was talking about? I am obsessed with little potatoes. Potatoes, apparently, are graded on size. A-size, which is the most common is about 2 ½” diameter. Think of your typical baking spud. (Unlike bras, people seem to be most satisfied with “A”’s.)Read More →

It is Thanksgiving week.   Are there things you look forward to the most like the laughter, a pretty set table or an excuse to eat multiple pieces of pie? Maybe you love being the favorite aunt (moi), making gingerbread houses and cleaning someone else’s kitchen. I think most people like Thanksgiving because the menu is pretty much set in stone. You have a turkey, stuffing/dressing, a green veggie, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. Don’t forget the rolls, cranberries and pies are also on the list. You can’t miss those or everyone is going to talk about you. It is like the holiday is filled withRead More →

Am I the only one who thinks that about reincarnation? I always wonder if we do come back to life, what would I want to be. A butterfly would be cool because no one ever gets mad at a butterfly. That whole cocoon thing has always been intriguing. Plus, I could have wings with some crazy print on them and they’d never go out of style. Of course, I could end up on some kid’s poster board science project so maybe that is a no. I could come back as a dog because they have a cushy life. They eat, play and nap. (Wait, IRead More →

Nefarious. Nefarious? I know I have heard that word before but I wasn’t positive of the meaning. There is a commercial on television that uses that word. Kudos to an advertising group that uses words with more than three syllables! It was kind of refreshing for me to hear a word and have to look it up.   (I should edit that to a word I need to look up that isn’t slang!) I recorded the commercial and couldn’t tell what the word meant. Why I thought this was an easier method than looking it up is beyond me. I watched the commercial about 2 15Read More →