The leaves are starting to change colors and there is briskness in the morning air. The smells of the outdoors have lost some of the floral essence and now smell woody. The warmth of the sun seems to be powering down and there is just enough chill to make me want to stay home. It is fall. Now it may not seem like it but fall is MY season. If there were such thing as a spirit season this would be mine. I just love almost everything about this time of year except for one thing….my garden. I emotionally have a hard time when myRead More →

Art.  I am not sure who said “Art is subjective, and means something different to every single person on earth” but I think the same can be said about food.  You can see artistry in everything from how a top chef plates a meal to the beauty of a rustic family tomato sauce cooking on the stove.  One person can appreciate the craftsmanship of a piece of sushi while another sees the same beauty in a hamburger with all the fixings.  We eat with our eyes and hopefully our palates can taste the artistry and love that goes into every bite. With that said, this year’s ninthRead More →

If you think about the people who molded you, who are they? Maybe your parents were your biggest influence? Maybe a teacher was the person who taught you the most? Maybe during your darkest days there was a nurse by your side? I can look at a lot of people in my life and pinpoint how they impacted how I think or behave. I know the women who have instilled strength into my soul. I know the men who made and broke my spirit. I embrace the friends who told were frank and opened my eyes. Two of my biggest life guides were my sisters.Read More →

It is dreadful….absolutely dreadful. Have you been watching the news? It is absolutely scandalous. I just can’t believe that they had the audacity to do such a thing. Oh wait, you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m talking about some headline news I saw about 2 weeks ago that has put me into such shock that I’ve barely had the good sense to write anything. (My faithful readers are now saying “Does she ever have any sense?”) The news I’m talking about is that a major coffee chain is now serving their famous pumpkin spice flavored espresso drinks NOW in September!!!! Eeeeek! Apparently,Read More →

Are all habits considered bad? I mean when you hear someone mention having a habit, is it common for them to say “I have such a good habit…..” When was the last time you heard your sister say “I have such a good habit of doing my dishes right away.” NO, she is more likely to say “I have a bad habit of leaving my dishes in the sink to soak.” (Not that my precious sister would EVER procrastinate doing things like that…I just used the term “sister” to give you a visual.) I’ve got some good AND bad habits. My good ones would probablyRead More →