It is always funny to me the things people email me about after reading Felt Like a Foodie. I am reminded of grammar mistakes, spelling errors and incomplete sentences. I will be told about hanging participles (do you see a dermatologist for those?), improper apostrophe use and metaphor maladies. I appreciate the editing help and feel like you all make me the bestest writer in the world. (I just wrote bestest to make some people I know cringe!) Folks also like to comment on my pictures. There are details in my photos that I completely overlook like a crumb on a plate or a smudgeRead More →

Finally… feels like spring!!!!!!!! HOOOORAY!!!!! My chore list for outside is a mile long but I am putting my vegetable garden first. I had started seeds inside this year and will confess that it was a complete fail. My yield was in the single digits. Sigh. I don’t know if I planted the seeds too early, if it was too cold or maybe they just didn’t get enough tender loving care. Any which way, they are dead. DEAD AS A DOORNAIL!!!!!!! I think I ended up with more dirt in the dustpan than in my garden! I was pretty upset at first but that isRead More →

The Prince and the Pea Ravioli Once upon a time there was a Prince (actually he was an engineer with impressive lineage…his parents were a royal pain.) He was a loving guy who was searching for the perfect mate. The Prince had qualities he wanted in a mate (sense of humor, brown hair, long legs, good imagination) but never seemed to find them. He didn’t really want a princess; he just wanted someone who could cook. (Princesses were high maintenance and this guy wanted his belly filled…not his closets.) Young beautiful women would cross his path and he would invite them to dinner. The Prince’s dinnerRead More →

Naked. Buff. Nude. Stripped. Birthday Suit. Unclad. Bare. Would you go to a restaurant that would give you the option to eat in the nude and waited on by semi-dressed servers? Apparently, a restaurant in London is the new hot place to go to if this is on your bucket list of things to do. All should have a sigh of relief because this was NOT a foodie fun day for me. I am just trying to contemplate why anyone would find this exciting. When I eat, I dribble things. Do I want HOT soup to hit my nipple!? NOOOO! Do I want a croutonRead More →

WARNING: I AM ABOUT TO MAKE YOU REALLY HUNGRY. DO NOT STOP. GO DIRECTLY TO IMPERIAL LAMIAN TO SATISFY YOUR HUNGER. I’m not sure of the exact timeframe but last year I started stalking a restaurant before it even opened. I started noticing their posts on social media and each one was better than the last. They would show these pictures and videos that just made my mouth water and my stomach grumble with hunger. I anxiously awaited their opening and am happy to say I FINALLY got myself to the city last week to try Imperial Lamian (6 W Hubbard St., Chicago, IL) TheRead More →

My apologies to Vanilla Ice.  I know he likes to cook so I am hoping this will be flattering to him…. Be happy right now that I did not make a video to accompany my mutilation of this awesome classic rap song. Yo, homecooks, let’s kick it! Rice rice baby Rice rice baby All right stop Collaborate and listen Rice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tightly Then I flow with a spoon daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know Turn on the stove and it’ll glow To the extreme I rock a spatulaRead More →

Do you have those days where you wish you could escape real life? All you would need is one day to relax and concentrate on yourself and then you would be brand new again. You could spend this time with your honey pie, best friend or the person you need to put first every now and then….yourself. You could take this time and just be alone in your thoughts and things you love. In other words, do you ever want to take a MEscape? I had the pleasure this past week of running away locally for a night. Nothing made me want to run otherRead More →