“I know a wiener man.  He owns a wiener stand.  He sells most everything from wieners on down.  Some day I’ll join his life, I’ll be his wiener wife.  Hot Dog, I love that wiener man.” Do you know that song?  My sister worked at a camp one year when she was in college and she taught it to me.  For whatever reason, I have never forgotten it and sing it anytime anything “weinery” is presented to me.  (Well almost anything.) In all honesty, I was not a wiener fan until this past spring when I ate a Foie Dog at The Grid in Chicago. Read More →

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  A grand crab and lobster buffet makes my heartbeat quicken.  A beautiful dining room with servers that don’t sing.  These are a few of my favorite things.  (Forgive me, Julie Andrews.) Shaw’s Crab House has been a part of my life for years.  It is one of those restaurants that after I enter, I want to order everything on the menu.  I always have my favorite things (oysters, sushi, lobster bisque and au gratin potatoes) but love to try new dishes too. So this past weekend, I felt like singing as I was able to eat it allRead More →

Growing vegetables in your backyard (or side of the house in my case) is kind of a funny thing.  I started a garden so I could cook “farm” fresh veggies in my kitchen.  The funny part comes in because once I started my garden; I was too exhausted to cook in the kitchen.  (I’ll leave out the part where I have to get my husband to bring home a pizza for dinner.) This spring I went a little bonkers and decided that my garden needed to be expanded.  The expansion has been great but it has been a lot of work.  There is a learningRead More →

I am giggling, giggling from pure happiness.   It is almost uncontrollable like a hiccup but it feels much better.  The main reason for this spontaneous jocularity is that I had an absolutely fabulous lunch yesterday at Tokio Pub (1900 E. Higgins Road) in Schaumburg, IL. Have you heard of Tokio Pub?  It is conveniently located in the Streets of Woodfield right next door to its big sister, Shaw’s Crab House.  (Everyone knows where Shaw’s is located!) Tokio Pub takes the finesse of fresh Japanese cooking and adds their own unique twists by incorporating classics and fusing the flavors of Japan and Latin America.  And like your favoriteRead More →

I am a traitor….a dirty, rotten traitor.  Now I am not the kind of traitor who switches alliances during a war or the kind who divulges international secrets on the Internet.  I’m not even a tattletale or playground snitch.  (My sister’s may dispute those claims.) I am a food traitor.  My husband, Earl, has been on his diet for about 3 weeks.  I am TRYING to be supportive by cooking only meals that adhere to his diet.  (I am by no means saying that any of my cooking has made him a chubby hubby.) The problem is that it is a carb free diet!!!!!!!!!!  (IfRead More →

I keep hearing it every time I walk into the kitchen.  Da-dum.  Da-dum.  (You know the frightening music when Jaws was about to attack.) The hair on my arm stands on end and I know it is going to bite me in the butt.  Da-dum.  Da-dum.  I am so scared.  I don’t think I am going to survive this. Besides a great white trying to kill me there is only one other thing I could be talking about… a diet.  Da-dum.  Arghhhh!  The horror!!! The worst part is that I am not the one on the diet.  It is someone else in this household.  (HIPPARead More →