Happy Easter!!!  I’m sure many of you have spent the day working hard in your kitchens making your family’s favorite holiday meal.  (Or if you don’t celebrate Easter, you enjoyed the crowdless malls and movie theatres!) Either way, Monday is right around the corner and it is time to figure out something easy to make for dinner.  Every week, I look through all of the recipes that I bookmark online or recent magazine articles and then make something completely different!  (It is a mad cycle, which I wish I could correct!) One of my new year’s resolutions was not to hoard so many recipes unlessRead More →

Don’t you hate you go to your favorite blog (moi?) and the writer isn’t writing about the intended topic.  It’s like a quilting blog only talking about their garden, or maybe a golfer talking about hiking or how about a foodie talking about how she can’t eat and doesn’t want to cook because she has been having a flare up of her Crohn’s disease.  (This is all hypothetical, of course.) Well THIS foodie actually got her hinny in the kitchen today.  I knew Easter was just around the corner and felt the need to do some more deviled eggs.  I had so much fun theRead More →

Happy first day of Spring!!  It is a glorious sun-shiny 20 degrees here in the Midwest today.  Brrrr!  It is hard to think of spring menus but I’ll do my best especially with the big holiday around the corner. To me it should be one of the biggest holidays of the year but like most things, I think it has lost some momentum.  People just don’t celebrate it like they used.  Sigh.  Remember how our ancestors did it…..wiggly imagination lines…..wiggly imagination lines. They would put on their Sunday best and gather around the fire.  Pats on the back would be received and everyone would cheerRead More →

Thought I should jump online and thank you for the support I’ve received in the past week.  Between your encouragement and the sunshine from an upcoming spring, I feel healthier already. Since I haven’t been able to think about food this past week, I started thinking about chores outside of the kitchen.  To my husband’s dismay, this does not include uxorial duties in his favorite room. No, I’ve been working on my spring-cleaning to-do list.  It is a bit frustrating since I’m not up to much but luckily the folks at Fresh Tech Maid (Chicagoland’s leader in cleaner, healthier, and safer chemical-free home cleaning) already hadRead More →

  This has been an interesting week to be on my sick-couch.  The news has been inundated with media people keeping an eye on the chimney on the roof of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. Watching a chimney for smoke does not really make for great entertainment UNLESS you start thinking about the cardinals inside the chapel. Does anyone really know what is going on in there?  Is it like Fight Club where what happens at the Vatican stays at the Vatican?  Is it all “Pope” talk or do they do other things?  For some reason I picture them all sitting around a bigRead More →

I wanted to apologize for being out of touch this past week.  I’ve been ugly sick.  (I first thought I was “pretty” sick but then I looked in the mirror and I really look horrible.)  I’m not eating or even thinking about food for once.  I will be back on my feet soon so I hope to post a fun recipe later this week. So in lieu of one of my “normal” posts (if you can call anything I write normal), I thought I’d toss out some fun things for you do in the next week. First, I entered the BaconFest Chicago Nueske’s Amateur BaconRead More →

I miss brightness in the winter.  I don’t necessarily mean the beaming sun.  (I do miss it a little.)  And I am not referring to intelligence but I do think we get stupider this time of year.  (Wait, stupider is not a word but it does prove a point.  Or is it word?) I’m talking about the brightness in my food.  I just don’t see as much vibrancy on my plates.  The comfort food that was my best friend on the first days of fall are all starting to look like drab sweaters that need to be deballed.  (Deballed: Another word invented by my longRead More →