Thought I should jump online and thank you for the support I’ve received in the past week.  Between your encouragement and the sunshine from an upcoming spring, I feel healthier already.

Since I haven’t been able to think about food this past week, I started thinking about chores outside of the kitchen.  To my husband’s dismay, this does not include uxorial duties in his favorite room.

No, I’ve been working on my spring-cleaning to-do list.  It is a bit frustrating since I’m not up to much but luckily the folks at Fresh Tech Maid (Chicagoland’s leader in cleaner, healthier, and safer chemical-free home cleaning) already had a list of some things to do in only five minutes so I thought I’d share it with you.


For a quick spring spruce-up – sans the chemicals – Wells Ye (President, Fresh Tech Maid) suggests using items already in your home with “down and dirty” tricks that can be performed in five minutes or less:

Do the ‘Wave: Cleaning out your microwave is as simple as boiling a bowl of distilled water with two lemon halves for five minutes and scrubbing.

Self-Clean your Oven: Save time and money by using your stove’s “Self-Cleaning” function.  (Note that the oven will emit a temporary ash-like odor…so open windows to let the fresh spring air circulate throughout the house while doing it!)

Steal Some Sunshine: Bring sunshine into your home through your fabrics; hang blankets, towels, sheets and drapes outside to dry (you’ll save on electricity…and you can’t beat the natural scent.)

Scrub your Grills: Clean your grills for fresh tasting food every time. Merely combine distilled water with heat and a wire brush.

Brighten the Blinds: Grab a white cotton glove, some baking soda and distilled water. Create your mixture, and wipe the blinds by hand.

Freshen your Fridge: Wipe down your refrigerator with a combination of distilled water and baking soda. Keep new or used coffee grounds to ward off odors.

For more home cleaning tips, visit Fresh Tech’s Facebook page. And if you aren’t in the mood to do your own spring cleaning Fresh Tech Maid offers trained, professional technicians who are equipped with cleaning products that not only leave your home sparkling, they protect your most important asset – the health of you and your family,

My kitchen will be sparkling just in time for my re-entrance into the world of food.  Look forward to seeing you all back in the kitchen next week!