The recipe box.  Do people actually have these anymore?  Or are they obsolete because of computers and smart technology?  (I don’t own any smart technology but I am assuming if it is so smart it would have recipes loaded on it.) I was cleaning one of my kitchen cabinets and found my cute little recipe box.  I think I bought it in my teens and had about 100 or so recipes tucked into it.  It was a treasure chest filled with memories of how I’ve grown as a cook.  (I found a little treasure too…there was a twenty tucked in there for a rainy day.)Read More →

Recently I have seen and heard from a lot of family members.  I have different relationships, as we all do, with different people.  (Except for the imaginary people…all of those relationships tend to be very shallow and all about ME!) When I talk to my mom, we talk about everything under the sun.  (One time we even talked about the sun and she told me it was hot.   She was right.)  I laugh at our silly private jokes that have gone on for years and realize I am slowly becoming a lot like her.  (This is not a bad thing.) My sister and IRead More →

I want to apologize for slowing down on my posts the last few weeks.  I have a confession to make….I can’t stand food right now!  My Crohn’s is acting up and with that food has become an enemy to me and I just don’t want to think about it.  (I now know how Superman felt about Kryptonite!) We all have to eat, right?  But when I’m in “flare up” mode, I only want to eat what I crave.  It has to look, sound and smell delicious for me to even let it pass my lips.  This cycle is something I’ve dealt with for years andRead More →

I am not hip.  By using the word “hip”, you probably already knew that fact.  I have reached an age where I am content not incorporating new sayings into my everyday conversations. I, on the other hand, have almost regressed to the catchy phrases from my youth like “groovy”, “fer sure” and the occasional “dude”. People will talk to me and for the most part I can understand what sometimes may seem like a foreign language.  I’m okay with the occasional “mash-up” word like staycation: staying home for vacation.  (I just translated for people who aren’t as hip as I am.) I can even decipherRead More →

The summer of 2012 will probably remind most people of the events of the Olympics in London, women’s boxing and Michael Phelps,   (Okay, I personally am not a big Olympics viewer so that’s all I’ve got on that topic.) The summer 2012 will mean something completely different to me.  This is the summer of the BLT. My little side garden has grown some gold medal winning tomatoes and I am making yummy sandwiches daily. (No, I’m not going to tell you how to make a BLT.  Seriously people, we are a little more advanced than that.) The best thing that comes out of making aRead More →

Passionate. Indulgence.  When you hear those words what comes to your mind?  Family? Work? Food?  Well apparently those two words mean a lot to Chef Monica Sharma of Red Butter in Chicago. I first heard of Red Butter this past spring when I went to Baconfest. Their dish, bacon-Thai chile gulab jamun with bacon pistachio brittle, was one of my favorite dishes at the festival.  (Apparently I wasn’t alone because she won the Golden Rasher Award this year for most creative dish.) A finalist in the 2011 Baconfest Amateur Cook-off with her Tandori Bacon Nachos, Monica Sharma came back in 2012 not as an amateurRead More →

My life is full of executive decisions.  I am in charge the massive empire known as my household.  (Not really massive or empire-ish but I do live in a world of make believe half the time so play along with me.) The decisions that keep this well running machine going are numerous and at times overwhelming.  (Deciding where to grocery shop or what is for dinner can be very cumbersome.) There are days that I just want to throw in the towel and go back to a simpler life. (Living with my mom and having her do everything.)  But alas (you know this blog isRead More →