So technically this is a continuation of my last story about Bok Choy.  Well, I guess I’m not continuing the story but I did want to tell you how to make a delicious, miso-glazed salmon to eat with my last blog’s recipe. Miso-whaaat?  Is that the exclamation some of you are making right now?  Are you going to glaze over this post and never look at it again.  (That would make me sad)  I normally try to write my posts so that the ingredients are accessible at your local market.  But this week, it might not be as easy but the search for the ingredientsRead More →

I am going to look back on 2012 and remember it as my year of discovering vegetables.   I guess “discover” is really not the word to use since the veggies have been around.  (Okay, Christopher Columbus got away with it with that whole “Discovering America” thing but let’s not quibble on semantics.) Between going to new restaurants, my vegetable garden and joining Green Acres CSA, I am stumbling on new ideals for side dishes all the time.  (I’m a carnivore so all veggies are a side dish to me.) Anyhow, when I went to N9NE Steakhouse last month, I tasted a wickedly good Bok choy/shitakeRead More →

I have decided recently that I am in love with muscles mussels.  (It has NOTHING to do with my last post, I swear.)  There is something about muscles mussels that makes me want to have them around me all the time. I would even dare to say that I dream about devouring muscles mussels.  And if you ever wondered what chefs mean when they talk about sexy food, think about their muscles mussels. But for some reason, people get scared of muscles mussels.   They’ll enjoy them when they aren’t at home but there has to be a way to enjoy muscles mussels everywhere.  Don’t youRead More →

One of my new rules when I go Farmer’s Markets is that I have to look for an ingredient that is not part of my regular grocery list.  It can be something as easy as delicious creamy cheese or as challenging as a vegetable that I’ve never seen before.  The key is for me to keep trying new foods and learning.  (And in turn, passing it on to you in my usual witty, charming style.) So last Saturday, I was walking around our little Farmer’s Market.  It is still early in the season and I wasn’t expecting to find anything new but then there itRead More →

I am in love.  The kind of obsessive love that makes you think of only one thing.  It makes me all goofy inside.  The control this love has over my mind makes it hard for me to even think straight.  (And no I am not reading Fifty Shades of Grey.) I’ve tried to quench my desire for my new love in other ways but nothing seems to work.  I’m only rerouted for a moment or two and then I am back to thinking about my true longing.  It is the only way to satisfy my hot thirst as it overtakes my quivering body.  (Okay, IRead More →

There are two things that make me want comfort food.  The first is when the weather is cold.  The second is when I’m sick.  Since it is June guess why I want comfort food this week?? Yep, I’m sick.  (Ohhh, poor baby.)  Last week I landed in the hospital with some “issues” with my Crohn’s disease.  I had a few really rough days and am hoping that I feel better soon.  (You can say poor baby again if you would like.) Besides the general misery that Crohn’s disease provides for me, it depletes my appetite.  (Oh no!!!)  Almost nothing tastes good to me.  I amRead More →

How many people actually use up a bottle of salad dressing?  I know I have them in my refrigerator but they are barely ever used up.  If I have an Italian based flavor, it is usually poured over chicken as a marinade on a grill night.  But what about all the other ones that just seem to sit on the door forever?  Do you ever use them up?  Or do you just look at the expiration date and smell them every once in awhile to see if they are still good?  (And then make a face, put the top back on, and put it backRead More →