Hunger.  It is not a feeling many of us have really felt.  We may miss a meal because we are busy.  But how many people really experience hunger?

I am fortunate because my hunger pains never last more than a few hours.  I have the luxury of eating every day and take it for granted.

Sadly, I am learning that there are too many people in this country who still go to bed hungry.  They wonder where their next meal is coming from or how to feed their children.

As I put together a bag of canned food to donate at Baconfest on Saturday, I took a few moments to think about how lucky I am.  So, here is one of my rare serious moments that I hope will remind everyone to support local food banks like The Greater Chicago Food Depository or The Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

Watch Hunger Hits Home on the Food Network to learn about childhood hunger and what you can do about it.

Ask around at your schools, churches and community centers to explore ways you can help.

I know my eyes have been opened and I hope I can do my part to make sure no one is ever hungry.