Twas a few days before Christmas and I must confess

My baking’s not done and my house is a mess

My nights have been filled and I’ve been quite sick

I haven’t given much thought to dear old St. Nick

I started to worry about passing out treats

To all of my neighbors who live on my street

Cookbooks I searched for easy, simple food

But nothing I found would suit my foul mood

When out in the kitchen arose a loud clatter

My recipe binder fell and started to splatter

I sorted the papers with my OCD

And all of a sudden it came to me

Sticky buns would be nice and cheery good measure

It’s a morning treat that brings great pleasure

But one more thing would make it like no other

A sweet cream cinnamon compounded butter

My afternoon was spent in the kitchen with yeast

I hope I satisfy my inner baking beast

I am finished but still in some disorder

I hope I’m not recruited for the show Hoarders

This post is a bit silly and a little bit trite

I thought it was the best way to celebrate the night

So Merry Christmas to friends, family and the rest

May your holidays be perfumed with holiday’s best

Compound Cinnamon Butter


1 stick butter, softened but not warm

1 tsp granulated sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

Sanding sugar, Christmas colors


Place butter in small bowl and add sugar using a fork.

Stir in cinnamon.

Place mixture on a piece of wax or parchment paper.

Form a small log and roll in sanding sugar.

Wrap in fresh wax paper and refrigerate until solidified.

Hand out with warm sticky buns!

Felt Like a Foodie Sticky BunsI know many of you will want the sticky bun recipe.  It is one I copied in the kitchen verbatim from a class.  I will try to get permission to post it for a future blog.  I’m sure your favorite recipe will go along perfectly with my butter!