Chicago Gourmet has become my Christmas. I have started to look forward to it like no other time of year and I count down the days like a child with an advent calendar. Just like the holidays, I can’t wait to sample all of the delicious foods, see familiar faces and there is always anticipation of a surprise or two around the corner.

As I was driving to Chicago Gourmet at Millennium Park this weekend, I started singing (a tone-deaf version of “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”)…..

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chicago Gourmet

Everywhere I go

Folks in crisp white coats

Steph from Girl & the Goat

With food from every great place in Chicago


It’s beginning to look a lot like Chicago Gourmet

Lots of wine to pour

But the prettiest sight to see

Is food in front of me

I can’t wait to go for more

So this year I thought I’d share my adventure via pictures like Christmas cards posted on the wall and thank everyone who participated. Chicago Gourmet is truly a gift that never disappoints and I will start my countdown until next year immediately!