Do you ever have moments in your life where you are sure that you have been reincarnated? (Yep, I’m still on pain meds!) Were you a pioneer who crossed the plains in a covered wagon? Maybe you were a caveman who used to work in a quarry? (Or did that only happen on the Flintstones?) Heck, you could have not even been a human! Maybe you were a poodle! I think in a previous life I lived in the depression where I couldn’t always afford what I wanted to eat or maybe just in a country where food was scarce and there wasn’t access toRead More →

We came home to a surprise on Saturday….a box of lobsters from Boston. LIVE LOBSTERS!!!! Have you ever had a box delivered to your house that moved?! It was just crazy. It was somewhat shocking to me to see them moving about. As a carnivore, I understand that before my food gets in a pretty package at the store, it is alive. I just haven’t been part of that process before and found it very overwhelming. I started feeling guilty that these beautiful creatures were going to die so I started reading about humane lobster cooking methods. As I was reading, I found something thatRead More →

Oh Whole-y Foods (Sung to the tune of O Holy Night) Oh Whole-y Foods! Lobster tails make feel like dining They were on sale on last weekend’s trip I saw them there and I really started pining Four were ordered and they were almost in my grip A thrill of hope the lobster is in my cart For my dinner-time is almost near Fall in my mouth! Oh taste the butter sauce Oh lobster divine, Oh lobster I won’t share Oh Lobster divine Oh lobster divine (So I just sang this to my husband….and he made some remarks that are not proper for this holidayRead More →

Am I the only one who keeps hearing about Lobster Rolls?  It is not like they are a new food item because they have been around since the 1970’s.  (I don’t know that for a fact, I was an infant and that was the rumor around the playpen.)  It just seems to be the sandwich of the moment right now. A New England favorite, the lobster roll is simply just a hot dog style bun toasted with butter, a little mayo, celery and lemon juice.  (I’ve seen a lot of variations such as tarragon, scallions, and hot sauce.) There is also a Connecticut variation, whichRead More →