What is it about a toaster oven that makes everyone smile? Is it our childhood memories of our first tiny childhood ovens that cooked a cupcake with a light bulb? Do you have memories of being allowed to use it before you were allowed to use the “real” oven? Maybe it is just the fact that it is small and we love small things!!! One of the first things I really remember making in a toaster oven were crabmeat melts. Besides they fact that they were super easy to prepare, our old toaster oven was a perfect size to cook a small batch. It neverRead More →

Most of the smaller appliances in my kitchen were wedding gifts. I love when I use them because I remember the excitement of that time and the fun of being a newlywed. The problem is that I’ve been married almost 17 years. I am happy that I have been married for so many years (to a great guy, might I add). The problem is that everything is breaking down at the same time. My blender has been my biggest heartbreak. It started having issues a couple of years ago and one of my hubby’s coworkers fixed it up for me. (His name is Bob andRead More →

So I’ve been 45 for one full week now and have spent some time being introspective.   At this number (that I consider middle age), I have decided to make two lists. One of my lists would be my good qualities that are just perfect and don’t need any adjustment. (Wow! This is a very long list. Apparently, I like me very much.) My other is a list of things I could work on. Like being a bit more humble and maybe some more humility. (Example… reread my first paragraph.) One of the things I would like to work on is my hostessing skills. For someRead More →

Funny thing about doing a lot of events during September, the maid seemed to also take the time off too! I can’t believe how behind I am on just regular chores!! Toss in some extra fall work outside due to our trees dropping leaves…and I am spent. (At this moment my husband is laughing because I haven’t raked a leaf in years!) With that said, I wish there was an easier solution for dinner other than buying prepared meals or take out. On a busy day, I want to have a great meal on the table for my hubster that doesn’t require him unwrapping itRead More →

As Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, I have spent a lot of time thinking of my mom. My goal was to make a recipe this week that was based on my mom’s signature ingredient. As my wheels were turning coming up with an original idea, I had to laugh because I kept coming back to the same thing…peanut butter. Nothing makes me think of mom more than peanut butter. It was the sandwich that we brought to school, the zoo and on picnics. It would follow us to museums, on car trips and sometimes to the living room. But my favorite was when Mom wouldRead More →