There is one thing that writing Felt Like a Foodie has taught me over the years….no…it has nothing to do with food… has to do with the fact that I am wrong….a lot. Every time I start to think about a particular blog, I look up words for inspiration and to make sure I am using them properly in my work.  (I am laughing really hard right now…my work….like this is my art…seriously…I’m not that full of myself…well…I kind of am…but…I don’t usually let it show that much…do I?) Back to the story…I was going to write a post on how fabulously decadent my carbonaraRead More →

What do you think of eggs? Are they a go-to morning food or do you eat them anytime of the day?  Are you only a scrambled person or do you change it up based upon your mood? Do you look at a meal and think it would be better with an egg on top or is your meal based around the egg? I love the versatility of eggs.  Poking a perfectly poached egg and watching the yolk burst out gives me the chills, the crispy edges of an oil fried egg makes me tingle and the bright yellow yolk of a flawless hard-boiled egg makes me feelRead More →

Why don’t you like me? Is it my color? Do you think I’ll make you fat? Maybe my gooey insides freak you out? Could it be that you just don’t like things that are different? These are questions poached eggs would like to ask you. (By you, I am referring to all the people who have never had a poached egg.) Just imagine being shunned because people are unfamiliar with you. It can make an egg have hurt feelings. I think this is how hard-boiled eggs first originated. All of his anger and disappointment built up inside and hardened his yolk. How do you likeRead More →

It is that time of year….deviled egg season.  When I started to create this year’s variations, I had to admit something to myself.  I don’t know where chicken babies come from. One of our friends brought me 2 dozen beautiful, fresh farm eggs.  Talk about authentic…they still had hay and poop on them!  (The poop was kind of gross but it made me feel these eggs were more legit.) As I cleaned off my eggs, I started to freak out that I was going to find an underdeveloped chicken in one of them.  How do the farmer’s know what the heck is going on inRead More →

Don’t you hate you go to your favorite blog (moi?) and the writer isn’t writing about the intended topic.  It’s like a quilting blog only talking about their garden, or maybe a golfer talking about hiking or how about a foodie talking about how she can’t eat and doesn’t want to cook because she has been having a flare up of her Crohn’s disease.  (This is all hypothetical, of course.) Well THIS foodie actually got her hinny in the kitchen today.  I knew Easter was just around the corner and felt the need to do some more deviled eggs.  I had so much fun theRead More →

Over the past year, I have shared a lot of stories with you.  (By stories, I mean my issues that my therapist says I need to let go.)  One of my favorite stories is about dying Easter eggs with my sisters. Every year, my mom would hard boil a bunch of eggs, break out the Paas kit, and set us kids up at the kitchen table.  Our excitement levels would gain momentum, as Mom would divvy up the eggs between the three of us. The first five minutes of egg dying were the best.  I’d take my little metal dipper thingy and slowly dunk myRead More →

EGG-citing!  EGG-traordinary!  EGGS-hilerating!  EGG-ceptional!  Can you guess what I want to talk about today?  Yep, EGGS!  (I didn’t want to keep cracking you over the head with my puns.) Once a month or so, I get to have one of the best days ever with my girlfriends, Egg Day!  The tradition started after our last high school reunion.  We decided that we wanted to see each other more than every so many years.  (Note:  I am leaving out an actual number so I don’t give away their ages.  Oh wait, we are the same age.) I’m not sure which one of us suggested it butRead More →